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Thursday, April 21, 2005

sum pomes by me

Goods & Services Tax.

The GST is here to stay,

Johnny Howard’s had his way,

No matter what the Pollies say,

Pain and suffering’s on the way,

On July the first, there’s no delay!

They’ll cop you as you work or play,

Makes no difference straight, or gay,

Or whether you voted yea, or nay,

Squirm and wriggle as you may,

You’ll feel the GST each day,

As it eats away your pay!

Peter Holt

Impossible (but rhyming) Poetry.

I was born with a huge preoccupation

To understand the moons interlunation

(period of moons invisibility)

This led to an information escalation

Almost causing a nuclear spallation

(nuclear physics reaction)

So I really must apologize

For my tendency to neologize

(invent new words)

It’s something I’ve started to optimize

Ever since I learned to euphemize

(use euphemisms)

The last thing we need is a panic

About someone a bit homorganic

(linguistics term)

Since I’ve gone electronic

It’s easier to write macaronic

(type of verse)

So it’s all in your head, cerebral

With a wink of the palpebral

(relating to the eyelid)

Let this poem become a memorial

A sartorial, tutorial, factorial, auctorial

(relating to the author)

Peter Holt

The Spelling Chequer on My PC.

Eye have a spelling Chequer

It came with my PC

It plainly marques four my revue

Mistakes eye cannot sea

I’ve run this poem threw it

Eye am sure yaw pleas too no

It’s letter perfect in its weigh

My chequer tolled me sew

Sew though eye try with all my mite

Too spell each word just write

And I’d steak my life upon each word eye right

Butt eye still get more wrong than eye get write

When they rote this spelling chequer

Its plane there wires were crossed

Yaw only knead too get it write

Is the dictionary yaw chequer lost

Peter Holt


Marcus said...

Good to see some of your poetry on the web, you should post it all I reckon.

Peter said...

I would say, "why inflict it on the world" but I suspect there's only you and I reading it Marcus.

Merle said...

And me!

Peter said...

What salesmanship, I've doubled my readership overnight.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with Peter "Don't inflict anymore on the world".

Peter said...

Hi anon-e-mouse you're becoming a regular, whats more we even agree sometimes.