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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A big milestone coming up for holtieshouse

Some time in the next few days

will register the 100,000th visitor.... very shortly!!!!!
To mark this occasion I am running a contest or maybe a couple of contests.
Stay tuned for more details and please get into the habit of checking the stat counter on my sidebar so we don't miss out on the 100,000th visitor, should you be 99,999 or 100,001 please let me know as sometime my own visits seem to be counted, not always but sometimes!!!

These will be (a) for the 100,000th visitor, (b) for the overseas visitor who correctly answers a
question, (c) a local 'ie' Australian who answers a question.
Please note the questions will be published here very shortly, stay tuned.

For the winning overseas contestant there will be a range of DVD's about Australia (what else on a site that is dedicated to Australia) this is your opportunity to have a look around our wonderful country from the comfort of your own home, there will be a set for the local winner too. who knows we might even run to a few place-getters , time will tell.


Gattina said...

Did you count them one by one, just like sheeps before you fall asleep ??

Puss-in-Boots said...

Nearly 100,000...my, you've had a lot of visitors. Congratulations, Peter.

Christina said...

I hope I'm the 100,000th! I will keep trying...

Walker said...

Cool 100,000 visitors is alot of action ;)

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Getting generous in your old age. Good move. Thank you so much for putting the new picture on my Blog. I love pictures of trees and a stream running beside the,. Especially, gum trees - eucalyptus ones. It looks nice and you can read the writing.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Jamie Dawn said...

You are a terrific representative for your great country.
What a great prize!
I'm eager to see the questions you come up with.
I'm also eager to see that epic movie Australia starring Nicole Kidman.

Pamela said...

SORRY I missed it.