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Monday, April 12, 2010

Laundry day

Janis is the Laundress?? of this weeks Fun Monday

Everyone has laundry. Where do you do yours? Show us your Laundry room, or where you go to get those clothes clean! Photos, please.


Way back in August 2007 when I bought my front loader washing machine I wrote the post which you can read by clicking on the link below.


For those who choose not to bother with the link...
here is the culprit, which I eventually named "iPlod" in keeping with the Apple "iEverything" image, and because... while it washes perfectly... it is so damn slow.
btw, iPlod came to me at least in part from a readers comment that she would ask "iPastor" (her husband) for suggestions.

I became so enamored with iPlods ability to clean my laundry seemingly without the use of water that I would sit and watch the kaleidoscope of tumbling items through the "screen" in the door, I seriously thought about selling the TV set as the programs at the time were not as entertaining.

I have one complaint with iPlod, after line drying... yes, I use the old fashioned method of drying laundry with fresh air and sunshine, towels are so stiff and scratchy that they are uncomfortable to use, I've tried altering water temp right through the range, spin duration through the range, reducing the detergent level to half the recommended amount all to no avail, any further suggestions? finally in desperation I bought a dryer, the towels come out of it soft and cuddly!! and a couple of times a year I use it because of inclement weather.

Here is "iTumble" which I must get around to wall mounting one day.

And here is "iNatural", sorry it wasn't a laundry day... but you've all seen laundry before... right?

So that's my laundry post, go to our hostess's site and check out the other players.


kenju said...

I don't have time to take and post a photo of it, but my laundry area is a closet in the room I use as my office/computer room. Makes for every convenient multi-tasking!!

Jan n Jer said...

That is one huge Front load machine. Being slow is one complaint I have heard from several people. I miss hanging my laundry out...it was actually fun for me...I hung a very neat line. When I moved into a developement..clothes lines were not permitted. Thanks for sharing Peter and happy FM

Jan said...

I think I gave up hanging laundry, when I got married, almost 46 years ago. First we lived in an apartment, then when we bought our first house, we started using a washer and dryer, and never did put up a clothes line.

Puss-in-Boots said...

It's very comforting to know you wash your laundry, Peter.

Like you, I prefer the washing line to the dryer. I only use that in the summer when the weather is so wet and humid it's impossible to get anything dry.

Pamela said...

you are stinkin' funny today Peter!

I don't have a clothes line. I've nagged for 34 years -- and still don't have one. Should I learn how to install one myself?

EastCoastLife said...

I live in a tropical country and I have the sun most times of the year, so I don't need a dryer.

I wish I had a huge yard to hang my laundry though. *envy*

Sayre said...

I used to line dry my clothes all the time (I rather like the stiff as a board clothes and towels), but the pollen has gotten so bad here that line-drying is pointless. You just have to rewash everything. I get my scratchy towels (which dry me better) by not using fabric softener and using those dryer balls instead. Unfortunately, they will tear up your regular clothes (except jeans).

Gattina said...

I have to use the tumble dryer so my laundry is always soft. It is not allowed to hang up big laundry in the gardens in our area, only little things like socks and underwear. "INaturals" are not allowed. Of course in other places yes.

Anonymous said...

iRolling with laughter at this post. How clever you are. I like the old fashion way of drying clothes actually. iNatural is the bomb but it takes so long. iPlod to dang funny. Have a wonderful iMonday :)

Jill said...

You might try line drying the towels and then tossing them in your dryer for 15 minutes to fluff. Plenty of modern cloth diaper users do this to save money, but get the 'crinkle' from line drying out. :-)

Molly said...

I like your whimisical post about laundry. Many people seem to like the front-loading washers. I had one, but mold grew inside the door so back to the top-loading machine for me.

The Church Lady said...

Too funny, Peter! I have not used a clothes line in, well... ever!

Although I do remember as a young girl having clean, crisp sheets from line drying and I loved the smell and feel!

I admit to sitting on the floor when I first purchased a front load washer and watching the clothes spin with hardly any water and it was soooooo quiet! Geez - the things that amuse us!

Cliff said...

Yep Peter. Strange machines aren't they. But the clothes are almost dry when they come out.