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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hey! I'm not remotely interested.

Have you noticed the subtle radical changes to our lifestyles since the iniquitous "Remote Control" device appeared some years ago?
No longer do we have to struggle from our comfortable Chair/Bed to bring about some miraculous change in what we are watching/listening to or even the temperature at which we do it.
The problem as I see it is that these little bastards have learned the seceret of reproduction and are breeding at an alarming rate while we blissfully  sit/lie back and let them take over our lives.
The selection shown below is a sampling of those that have invaded/taken over my home, the 11 on the top row are to the best of my knowledge all hybrids that have come from their own breeding plan, whatever that may be... world domination??? I say this because I have no recollection of ever owning any piece of equipment bearing the name shown on most of these remotes.
The middle row shows the 8 units that inhabit my living room, I have made a sincere effort to combat the spread of feral remotes by purchasing a "universal" remote from which via the oft mentioned in this blog technology wizardry, assumes the functions of 5 of the other 6, this little genius is 5 from the left of the middle row.
The bottom row are the units that live in my bedroom/office and as far as I can tell are of a different feral tribe as they appear to have cannibalized one of their kind... no trace can be found of the small remote that used to live with my DVD player.
I have another small colony that live mainly in my car "Frank" of whom you shall be hearing more soon when Wazza and I take of for an epic trip covering more than half of Australia... stay tuned, meanwhile back on topic this colony perform tricks with Franks sound system, the camera equipment that lives there if there is a trip on, the clever little fellow who pays for my use of tollways... he uses MY money of course, not his own, as well as the known ones I have forgotten to list and the new crop of feral's that have undoubtedly occurred recently

I have published this information as a public service to warn any readers who may not be aware of this potential invasion on their lives by the "Remotians"

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