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Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting closer!!

While we were in Adelaide we decided to go for a short trip down to the Fleurieu Peninsular
which is a quite scenic area with coastal scenery and a very good wine grape growing reputation.
The main town there is Victor Harbor so we timed our arrival for lunch time with the plan that Warren could sample the local specialty "King George Whiting" this fish is known as the fighting
whiting and is a real fighter on a fishing line as well as being one of the best table fish.

We were delighted to sight the Victor Fish Shop shown in the photo above.

Again we were pleased to see their sign declaring that they were runner up in the best Fish'n
Chips Outlet in SA... not quite so pleased to see that this happened back in 2003.
We went inside and joined a queue awaiting service... awaiting service... awaiting service... awaiting service... now I am a very keen advocate of Fish'n'Chips but my patience was finally exhausted after a ten minute wait without any acknowledgment of our existence or, perish the thought... taking of our order, I spied a Subway sandwich shop opposite and told Wazza I would see him outside when and if he got served!!!!
I had time to locate a shop that sold batteries for my pocket camera fit the same to the camera, order and be presented with a toasted Subway and still beat Wazza out of the shop... enough said... I know why they were only Runner up in the competition!!!

Here is Wazza enjoying his Whiting and Chips which he said was very nice.. the chips were, I know because I stole some!!!

While on the subject of Fish and Chips here is my giant serving at the Wudinna Hotel where we dined last night... it was every bit as good as it looked too.

The dinner was a good chance to catch up with Grandson Daniel and his lovely wife Jana who will in January next present Daniel with their first child, Vicki with her third grandchild an me with my third Great grandchild... we are all looking forward to this with great anticipation.

It is great to see that the very good crops I have spoken of through Qld. NSW. and Vic. have extended into SA as well this photo and the next one are at Daniels and Vicki & Rex's

Speaking of my favourite Daughter here she is , and I'm delighted to say that she is in excellent health after the adventure filled 6 weeks tour of the USA, I had some concerns that this might be too much of a strain on her.

There is another new addition to her family, a lovely X3 BMW wagon... Rex headed for Adelaide in it just after we arrived so we didn't get a chance to drive or study it closely yet.

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