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Monday, May 02, 2005

Da Bum

This is by request, and the title fitted at the time very well.

The moment his school days were over

The thought of a job left him numb,

The itchy foot bug had bit him

So it’s off round Australia, by thumb.

He became an expert hitchhiker

Criss crossing the land at will,

Without buying a litre of petrol

And only his belly to fill.

I’m going to England he told us

He’d had that ambition while growing up

I’m going to England he told us

To see “Spurs” win the F.A. cup.

It’s a long way to go to see football

And the wrong bloody code we thought

But true to his word, two weeks later

A plane bound for England he caught.

The first thing he did on arrival

Was to visit Whitehall, that’s Spurs patch

And there a friendly policeman

Produced tickets to see the match.

Spurs won the Cup that season

His world had a rosy hue,

He followed them round all next season

And they hadn’t a bloody clue.

He landed a job in America

“Counsellor” at a youth camp,

Then off for a look round the U.S.

On the cheap, a bit like a tramp.

He must have done well as a counsellor,

‘Cos next year they invited him back;

Another look round the U.S.

Out comes the faithful backpack.

I’m coming home he told us

After two years of roaming around

I’ll be home for Christmas he told us

Home for Christmas, oh what a sound.

I’ve got a new job, he told us

Doing youth-work at the “Y”

We always knew he could do it

If only he’d give it a try.

I’m getting married, he told us

Now that came as a real surprise,

I’m going to get married, he told us

Without even a blink of his eyes.

He brought Carolyn to meet us

They’d met at the YMCA

I’m getting married, he told us

April the 5th is the day.

Before that day comes, he told us

I’m off for a trip overseas.

He’s not taking Carolyn with him

She’s staying home, if you please.

(that trip never happened, yeeeah Carolyn!)

Our habit of not going to weddings

Seems set for an end to the run.

They’re getting married in Geelong

So we’re going to get to this one.

To Marcus and Carolyn, the best

Of all the good things in life.

Is a wish that comes from the heart

When they settle down, man and wife.

Peter Holt


Merle said...

I had forgotten this pome as hopefully he is no longer Da Bum
It was good at the time, Merle

Peter said...

Nah, I guess you could say he outgrew it.