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Monday, March 02, 2015

RIP Hoss.

For long time bloggers... I think I'm right in saying that its 6 years ago on March 10 since we lost an all time favorite b***ger... Ol'HorsetailSnake like many who read this I was always in awe of Gene's sense of humor and his down to earth grasp on things, (like dung beetles).
I sure hope he has made his pile up yonder, if ever anyone deserved to it was Hoss

RIP old friend.


Lee said...

And Hoss is probably around somewhere with a smile on his face happy that you've remembered him. :)

Robyn Lee said...

He's probably got an eye on you, Peter, and encouraging you on to great heights, metaphorically speaking, and you can take that any way you choose ;)

Walker said...

Every time you think of him you bring him back to life and i am sure where ever he is he is probably smiling

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