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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I think this is a rant????

Hands up if you have ever had the horrific experience of changing a long standing email address, you know the one that all your Family and friends have, your bank has not to mention, Blogger, facebook, google, firefox (or your chosen ISP), amazon, ebay, pinterest, and probably another dozen that you haven't thought about for years, but WILL definitely try to contact you soon (Murphy's Law).
OK you can all put your hands down now.... I had, to put it mildly, a dispute with my previous ISP over something that should have taken 2 minutes (I simply wanted to give them a new credit card details for the direct debit with them) but dragged on over 4 phone calls each of about 15 minutes duration and ended up with  me SHOUTING over the phone that our association was hereby terminated (or words to that effect) this left me without the option of being all palsy with them to notify all these other people.
Alright, I know that I brought this all down on myself with my temper tantrum but it felt SO good at the time... ALMOST worth the next week of trying to change my email address with scores of people who insisted on notifying me through an old email address, that I no longer had access to, that they had my new email address and would start to use it once I verified it through my OLD email address.
I hasten to say that I had no trouble with my family and friends or even vague personal acquaintances, it was only with the business people... you know the smart ones!!!
Now I readily admit that I'm no longer the sharpest pencil in the pencil case (and that perhaps I never was) but I hold firmly to the belief that I am NOT an idiot... so if I go to the trouble of phoning all  these people with either my new credit card details and/or my new email address why is it that so few (yes there were a few) can simply say thank you and record the new details while so many complicate their, and my, lives with stupid rules and formulas that they insist on following.
I have had the same multiple phone call routine that lit the initial fuse with several others but have thus far been able to contain my anger without terminating any more associations, I believe I can see the faint glimmer of light at the end of the LONG tunnel so there is just a chance that my life can settle back into the normal blood pressure range sometime soon.... Amen        


Granny Annie said...

DISH required me to upgrade my service with them and failed to tell me that my old email address and all saved contents would be deleted. Poof, it was gone and no apologies. It was in the fine print .....of what?? This was all done over the phone. Yikes!

Big Dave T said...

I still don't trust the internet enough to give any business credit or debit card information for bills or other repeating transactions. I'm thinking that paper and old-style mail will be making a comeback soon anyway.

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