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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A trip down memory lane.

I recently spent 3 days with my Son Marcus on a trip planned mainly to catch up with some of my friends and family that I missed when I was unable to attend my sister Merle's funeral last year, as luck would have it we found ourselves standing at Merle's grave on the anniversary of her passing, this added significantly to the visit.

We started out with my cousin Dan and his wife Kath, Dan and I were great mates when we were children, you know how you have that special cousin!!!! but had lost touch over the years, we spent about 4 hours together with barely a break in the chatter, a great visit.

On to the cemetery next, I seem to remember having difficulty keeping photos in order with Blogger, hope they come out right, next was a quick visit with Merle's oldest son John and his lady Heather, always a joy to catch up with them.

To round of day one we visited a lifelong friend Keith where we spent an  enjoyable night, chatting into the wee small hours, Keith had a golf game organized for the next morning we were able to indulge Marcus' passion for browsing second hand and antique stores for a couple of hours.

Another town and another lifetime friend, my best mate Alan's widow Jan and their lovely daughter Carol, more good times and memories,  we left there with just enough time for a quick visit with their son Gary and his wife Christine before Marcus had to head for Geelong and work, as his car was in Melbourne that left me with some time to do some more nostalgic sight-seeing.

This included drive by visits to old movie theatres, I used to frequent, a couple of old Pubs where we used to hang out, a couple of the old houses we lived in when I was a kid, in short a full dose of memories to top off a great weekend, thank you Marcus for excellent company and all those we visited for their hospitality and company.

 Kath, myself and Dan sharing memories at Benalla.
 Merle and Harold's grave site at Shepparton.
 Myself and my "Little Mate" Keith at Tocumwal.
 Jan and myself at Yarrawonga.
 The charming Carol at Yarrawonga.
 Myself and Marcus while we were at Yarrawonga.
The house we lived in when I was 10 to  14 years old.
 This was where we lived when  Merle married and left home, that's when I discovered that I missed her!!!!

The intersection where we gate crashed the Royal visit in 1954, see post on Facebook Jan 13 for details.


Lee said...

Great photos and wonderful, cherished memories, Peter. Thanks for sharing. :)

Big Dave T said...

I miss Merle. I miss her wit and warmth. Hard to believe she's been gone a year.

Robyn Lee said...

Nostalgic trips can be fun. Great photos, too.

Walker said...

Great pictures as always.
A step back in time is always a nice way to revitalize the memory and the feeling that made you feel younger

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