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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Location Adelaide

I am happily settled into the role of loving/caring grandparent in Adelaide, the SA capital city has been quite kind thus far, nice weather, no major traffic snarls and best of all Stacey seems to be reacting well to having company.

We have managed a couple of Doctors appointments, some very nice meals and a pleasant day in the Barossa Valley, one of Australia’s best wine producing areas.

Adelaide, like much of the country that I traveled through to get here, is very dry; the family unit is located alongside a park with a man made lake in it.

This lake has been drained to allow some maintenance work to be done; it just adds to the very brown picture of the moment, this time of year, about to start winter, everything should be looking green and pretty!

One of my duties is to chauffer Stacy around, it’s just as well she knows Adelaide fairly well as I am in a perpetual state of lostness! I could compete in an Olympic event for getting lost and would surely put up a credible performance.


Merle said...

Merle said Are you still getting lostPeter. Keep him in line Stacey Good luck to you both!!

Peter said...

Yeah, still the same homing instincts of a house brick!
Stace is doing quite well.

Anonymous said...

When you're finished over there I feel the need for some chauffer driven live in care, meals and day trips too!

Peter said...

Hi anon-e-mouse, you will need to supply very specific directions for me to be able to come to your aid, as you can see I get lost at the drop of a hat.

Merle said...

I really agree with Anonymous.
What do you charge for all your TLC. Probably out of my league!!
Are you finding your way around Adelaide better now?