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Saturday, May 07, 2005

New Chums on the Land

When at first you decide to go farming

All the new things to learn tax your brain

Like what to do in which season

And how important it is to get rain.

There’s talk of pasture improvement

What the hell can a D.S.E. be?

What’s the difference in ryegrass and clover?

It all looks like grass to me.

It’s all in your corner assembly!

Or at least that’s the talk going round

As to whether your fence will stand up,

Fall over, or pull from the ground.

Cutting hay, now that sounds simple

But doing it right, that’s the knack,

Too dry, the sheep just won’t eat it

Too wet, it’ll burn down the stack.

The habits of sheep are a mystery

Experience helps, well that’s nice!

But how can one learn in a hurry

About footrot, flystrike and lice?

Along comes a bloke called a shearer

You’re the rousy, well more like a fool!

You will find in a couple of hours

You’re knee deep and losing your cool.

Throw the fleece on the wool sorting table

That doesn’t sound like too much,

You now need to know about classing,

And sorting and pressing and such.

At last the bales are all stenciled

All lined up and ready for sale,

Send it off and pray for good prices,

When the wool cheque comes in the mail.

You hear about sires, and joining,

That this,or that’s proved it’s worth,

But nobody’s mentioned the good fun

About who helps with the difficult birth.

You can bet, no matter the season

When the lambs start to cover the ground

That it will be cold, wet and windy

And not a warm spot to be found.

In winter the water pipes freeze up,

In summer the hot north winds blow,

Just smile and take it all calmly

“It happens each year don’t you know?”

And even though you’re a greenhorn

It really isn’t your fault,

The mice have got into the haystack,

And the chooks have decided to moult.

But things would be worse in the city

Where you work for a boss nine to five,

The hours here are much longer

But it’s a pleasure to be alive.

Peter Holt

* D.S.E. stands for dry sheep equivalent, and we’re still not too clear on that!

What happens if it’s raining?

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