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Friday, May 06, 2005

Spreading the Culture around

While we have the content of the site elevated a little, I would like to recommend discerning readers have a look at a couple of others I've stumbled accross, well actually they are run by the same person and she suggested I stumble on to the second one. (pushy Hope!)



It's been a big week in the grandparenting game, a phone call from WA from GD Jenna who had just got engaged, and a visit next week by GD Stacey from SA, it's all happening!

As I am in a generous mood I will also give my Son Marcus' site a plug for any of you who might not already have it the address is:


I wouldn't like him to know this, but his site is a lot more proffesionally presented than mine, so don't tell him this please, as I don't want him lording it over me.


Hope said...

Who ya calling pushy?


Peter said...

Welcome Hope, isn't it nice to have an international readership, even pushy ones.

Hope said...

You mean Australia isn't part of the US?


Peter said...

C'mon Hopey, several US Administrations have had this same idea, but no, we are not the 51st State.
Having said that, we do seem to slavishly follow lots of US trends, not always the good ones!