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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Back to blogging.

It has been 2 months since I have been at home, in my own comfortable chair and bed and able to sit relaxed enough to think about blogging.
For any of you who are not sure, let me tell you Australia is a bloody big country, during the last 2 months I have driven 14,300 kms across and back, the equivilant of a round Australia trip.
The return journey was entirely different because there had been drought breaking rain almost everywhere, green is a much nicer colour than brown.
The crops all look great, there is grass growing in all the paddocks, there are lambs in lots of places and all the stock look great too.
Even the slaughter of kangaroos on the roads has eased, the roos have feed and water back in the bush now, so don’t need to venture on to the roads so much.
It was wonderful to get back to Queensland again, the weather warmed up, and petrol prices went down dramatically, both the cold weather and HIGH petrol prices were becoming a bit of a pain.
I have nearly got the accumulated mail sorted out, have restocked the food cupboard and fridge, done the washing and learned to cook again, now I have only to mow the jungle down and wash the grime of 14,300 kms of the Subaru and we will be back to normal.
It was great to catch up with Family and Friends that I only see every year or so, to all who offered their friendship and hospitality, thankyou.

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