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Friday, August 05, 2005

Home at last

How did it get to be August 5th already, seems five minutes ago it was Christmas 2004.
Well I’ve been home for 10 days, enough time to mow my LAWN (read jungle) three times, gradually cutting it shorter each time; it now vaguely resembles a tended space again.
I have also had a 100,000 km service done on the Subaru, after the sterling service it gave while we were away it seemed the right thing to do.
My office still resembles a bomb site; I’m ever so glad the “computer age” has cut down on the amount of paper we use! (or not) but I will eventually get it all sorted out I guess.
Today was a smidge cold, but the weather has been beautiful since getting back to Queensland, I filled the car with petrol today, at a cost of 97.9cpl, still pretty dear, but compared with other places very good.

Word for the day; “abandon” having just watched the movie “Ray”, an excellent movie by the way, Ray Charles and fellow musicians were “a band on” just about every substance known to man, great music just the same.


Marcus said...

petrol for 97c a litre?!! I'm drooling! I paid $1.11 per litre today and that was after the 4c p/l discount voucher from Woolies!! Next time you come over can you buy a big trailer and a few 44 gallon drums?
It's ages since I've been to the movies, Busso's cinema is being redeveloped at the moment, a 3 screen multi-complex, imagine that!!

Peter said...

Yeah, it's ironic isn't it, that we think 97cpl is wonderful, I've heard that it's 5 c/p gallon in parts of the middle east.

Lyle said...

I am so glad you said 'compared with' and not 'compared to'!!

Peter said...

Well thank you teacher!