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Thursday, August 18, 2005


I have been reading up on how to link another site to mine.
It seems if I type My Son Marcus then post the blog, now go to edit and highlight "My Son Marcus", near the top LH corner click on the bubble (insert ink) and type the blog address into the drop down that appears, you should now have a useable link.


Peter said...

That worked OK, now how do I put a link onto the sidebar

Marcus said...

Yeah that's what I want to know too!
Keep up the research

Dad said...

Did you try the link to your site? looks like it should work but doesn't.

Marcus said...

Yeah I tried it and yeah it didn't work. Try adding the w's and see waht happens, ie. www.holtpress.blogspot.com

Dad said...

Tried that too.
C'mon the lions, in 2006.
Go cats you have a temporary supporter.

Marcus said...

Tried that too, and? Coz it works from mine to yours.
All feline fans welcomed with open arms.

Peter said...

Marcus, exactly what did you enter to get a link from your site to mine?
I have tried every combination I can think of with or without all the data on the "edit me" link and I either get nothing, or more usually, to a site;

Marcus said...

www.holtieshouse.blogspot.com then I think I clicked the link icon.

I did all this from the edit posts page. To get there I just opened a "post this" box then saved it as a draft, then opened it again from edit posts.

I'll try it again with a different web address to check it works.

Marcus said...

Hmmm, now I'm not so sure! Test link 2 didn't work but test link 3 did. For it I jus opened a blog this window, typed the www address then clicked the link icon. This prompted a URL request so I added the www.afl.com.au to the precursor http// Once I did that it wrote some html in the post window. I clicked publish and up it came.

Marcus said...

Eureka, I've done it!
Check out my brand new links section, in the sidebar!
Want to know the secret?
Go to blogger FAQ's/Most Popular and click on "How do I edit my link list?"
There's some html you need to paste into your template. As suggested, scroll down till you find the sidebar section and paste it in between the previous posts and archives. Make sure you go to the bottom to find it, it's not the first time you see it mentioned which I presume is the code for the layout, size, colour of the sidebar, not the actual text etc.

You can see there are a few links already in there to get you started. You can delete or edit these as you like. You can also add as many more links as you want.

If you have a template without a links section, you can simply copy the code above and paste it into your template. You'll probably want it in the sidebar, perhaps next to the archives or previous posts list.

To change a link, paste its URL in place of "http://EDITME" in the above example, or in place of one of the default links that comes with your template. Then change the "Edit-Me" text to say what you want to appear on your blog. Finally, save your changes and republish your blog.

I just typed in www.holtieshouse.blogspot.com instead of the EDITME then in the "Edit-Me" wrote Holtieshouse, and voila. You've already got a links section so just follow the instructions for that.

I feel good, na na na na na na na (music fades) sunsets on another contented blogger!