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Monday, August 22, 2005

Still More Favourite People

This entry is going to be just about entertainers who are among my favourites.
I’ve already named Spike Milligan, Slim Dusty and John Wayne, add to them;

Frank Sinatra, One of the greatest singers ever, and a fine actor.

Bill Cosby, One of the funniest men around, who could forget Fat Albert & co.

Marilyn Monroe, Still a legend decades after her death.

Bob Hope, For the millions of troops he entertained over so many years.

Steve McQueen, Just because I liked so many of his movies.

A whole batch of country music people including;

Tania Kernaghan

Sara Storer

Beccy Cole

Graeme Connors

Alan Jackson


Marcus said...

You're getting briefer and briefer with your list of qualities, those last few country music (is that an oxymoron?)entries got in with no cv at all! My lizard hunting is sounding more impressive all the time!
I want detail, description, metaphor and biography.

Merle said...

These are all favourites of mine too with the exception of Spike Milligan. You could add Alan Jackson - even Marcus may have heard of him and his song "Where were you when the world stopped turning"? Note for Marcus - it is about September 11.

Merle said...

Sorry Peter, you did have Alan Jackson on your list.
He may have to write another disaster song for New Orleans.
It would be a good reason for the
US to bring home their troops from Iraq.