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Friday, September 30, 2005

In defense of Kansas

Over recent times I have read some rather disparaging remarks about the state of Kansas, these have often been based on the flatness and therefore uninteresting nature of the state.
Now as an Australian I must admit I don't know the terrain intimately, but I feel sure there are interesting parts to Kansas, as there are to almost any region if you care to look closely enough.


bubba said...

Yep I do agree. I was just in kansas about 2 months ago. A few bumps. HAAHHA

kenju said...

I have not been to Kansas either, but I am told it's distinguishing characteristics are silos and those "amber waves of grain" we sing about in "America the Beautiful".

Isn't it funny how large we think things are when we are small and on re-visiting them, we see they were actually tiny?

Marcus said...

I'm going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come!
Actually, I have been to Kansas, one of the 31 different American states I went through on my two hitch-hiking trips around the USA.
Is the Kansas motto, on their state border signs, "A place to grow"?

Peter said...

I need some help from a US b**ger re the "place to grow" state sign, it does sound about right to me though.