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Monday, September 12, 2005

New Computer

I can’t decide which emotion is foremost at the moment, is it the joy of using my brand new Toshiba notebook with it’s wonderful 17 inch screen, or is it the frustration of having spent 3 days setting it up.
I had forgotten all about the tedium of loading programs onto the bare bones you buy from the store, it used to be simple way back when there wasn’t the proliferation of choices we now have.
There are all the external devices to install, printer, scanner, digital camera and video camera, the network to enable, then the internet connection, I choose to use Mozilla so have an ongoing war with the Microsoft applications that assume I will want to use them.
The range of software programs that are available is endless, and now with 100 Gb hard drive capacity meaning I can pull out all the stops and install what I choose to the WOW factor has kicked in.
There are the anti-virus and spyware protection programs, I use Spybot, Adaware and AVG all freeware so this had to be downloaded from the Net, sad state of affairs when we need to go to all this trouble to protect our systems from others.
Of course each new program needs to be registered, then there’s the system restart each time, and the on-line instruction manual to read.
This raises an interesting point, after the first reboot my new pride and joy locked up on the welcome screen from Toshiba, after an hour of fiddling I managed to get mobile again, but all the helpful information, and there is reams of it, was waiting for me to read it INSIDE a computer that I couldn’t get to open.
Oh for the little printed handbook of bygone days, and the Windows XP disk to use in the emergency situations, now with a preloaded OS the joy of my first real problem takes on a darker hue.
But let’s not be negative the new notebook is wonderful, it has a decent pair of inbuilt speakers and enough volume to listen to music, it has the already mentioned HUGE capacity HDD, I wonder how many days I will need to allocate for defragmentation somewhere down the track? It reacts quickly and precisely when I enter or request information, and of course there is that huge screen that is so easy on the eyes.
I’m still using my old mouse and external keyboard but I’m getting excited just thinking of the wireless connection that is to come.
Ah the joy, and frustrations of our techno age!!!


bubba said...

I know what you mean. I recently went to a notebook. Wireless is my next love after about4 other things.

Marcus said...

You've come a long way from "You don't need to learn to bark if you've got a dog"!

Peter said...

Maybe, but I no longer have a dog, I mean Boston of course.