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Thursday, September 08, 2005

One day at the bank.

I heard a true story today that I feel I must share, I have a friend who has worked for a Bank for 26 years, let’s call her Vicki as this may in fact be her name.
Vicki works in a supervisory capacity, with a roving commission around the bank branches on the north side of town; she had taken some documents to a branch one day last week, and had offered to look after a tellers post while the teller filed them.
A quiet day, a little branch out of the mainstream, what could be simpler? About 10 minutes later, when the other two tellers had customers, in walked a rather shabby looking young man, just my luck thought Vicki.
With a cheerful smile she asked how could she help this customer, he pushed a withdrawal slip across the counter to her, when she looked at it she noticed that it had some childish scribble on the back, upon turning it over she discovered that it was blank.
“Do you want to make a withdrawal sir” she said, when the man nodded assent, she informed him that she would need some details and asked his name, he replied that it was David, “your surname sir?” Black replied David, “and your account number sir” Vicki prompted.
With this David pointed at the note and mumbled something that sounded vaguely like, “this is a robbery” somewhat nonplussed by this, Vicki said,” are you here to rob me” to which David said, “Yes I am.” With this news Vicki burst out laughing as she had found the whole exchange quite funny to this point.
Things got a little more serious when David muttered, “give me the money, I have a gun.”
The teller in the next compartment had overheard some of what had been going on, she reached for the alarm button which should have sounded an alarm AND sent the barrier shooting up in front of the customers.
The barrier did not rise, so Vicki handed over the notes from her cash drawer, a total of $240.00 David grabbed this and fled the scene.
OK this doesn’t sound to far off normal yet, but now the police arrived, the alarm had worked but not the barrier, as the incident was being put together Vicki told them that the man had seemed a bit spaced out, no smell of alcohol though.
The police suggested he may have been on some form of drugs, and that armed with a description they would have a look around a nearby shopping centre, they located him sitting in a McDonalds store munching on a Big Mac.
Now for a few more curves, it turns out his name really is David Black, we are not rating the IQ level too high here!!!
David had used the same method to rob a nearby bank the previous week, but on that occasion his hand-writing had been quite legible and he hadn’t had to give his name or other details
Vicki’s comment was that his writing had certainly deteriorated over the intervening week, she was also a little put out by the almost non-event robbery, “after 26 years it was a pretty tame first robbery” she said.
But she did admit that all the banks training on what to do under these circumstances just flew out the window, and even after viewing security camera film of the incident she said, “no that is not what he looked like” so I guess it is fair to say that she was a bit upset by the event!
The money, less the $7.00 he had spent at McDonalds was recovered; the mystery of why the barrier had not sprung up was solved by a red faced admission by a staff member that it had not been turned on.
It was noted that the police seemed almost disappointed that the barrier had not shot up and perhaps taken his arm off as he reached for the money; evidently this has been known to happen?

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kenju said...

The barrier might just as easily hurt her as she handed the $$ to the robber, I guess. If I were a teller there, I would have a lot of questions for the bank managers!