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Monday, September 26, 2005


I don’t know how well this little story will go in written form, I have told it quite a few times, always successfully.

My Sister, Merle, lived next to a family who’s youngest child, Rodney, became a regular visitor to her home to borrow the proverbial “cup of sugar” or the like, as Rodney was a likeable six year old and Merle is a friendly type this extended to him receiving a biscuit or sweet most days.

One day when Merle was in the front garden tidying up Rodney came to visit and started to swing on a wide gate that is located in front of her car-port, looking up she spied him and said, “don’t swing on the gate Rodney you’ll break it.”

Rodney continued to swing away as small boys are wont to do.

“Don’t swing on the gate please Rodney” she said again.

Rodney continued to swing away.

“Rodney don’t swing on the bloody gate” said my slightly exasperated Sister.

Quick as a flash Rodney said, “Are you a Christian?”

Yes I am said Merle.

“Christians don’t swear” said Rodney triumphantly and waved his finger at her reprovingly.

“I wouldn’t have sworn if you had got of the bloody gate” she said.

“You did it again” said Rodney waving that same finger at her.

The family and Rodney have moved away so there will be no follow up stories, a shame, I’m sure Rodney could have become a regular!!


Merle said...

The Rodney Story -- well done!!!!
It is one that I wont forget.
Was surprised to see it tonight.
Kathy and the Kids are here for 3 days which is beaut.

kenju said...

Peter, I surely am enjoying reading of the life and times of your family. I think I might post a link to this so others can enjoy it too. Okay?

Peter said...

Thank you for the compliment Judy, I would be flattered if you were to post a link to my site, please go to my archives and check out my first post and the reason for the sites existence, talk about oaks from acorns.
Please also check my son Marcus' blog, (on my sidebar holtpress) I am quite proud of his talents.