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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sidebar Stats Counter

Hey folks, for anyone who hasn't noticed it, there is a purple insignia at the top of the sidebar, it's a stats collector, if you click on it it will open up and show all sorts of stats about my site.
If you scroll to the bottom section, (or click the last spot on the top line) you will come to a section, "Hits by Continent" most of which is pretty self explanatory, except for "Other" if you are a reader from "other" would you please be good enough to let me know where "other" is, most places I can think of are covered by the listed places!
While we are at it, if you click on a photo in the "Flickr" frame it will open up to a whole wonderful world of my photogaphs! yeah you knew this I know.


Merle said...

OK I looked at all that jazz and did not learn too much. I preferred the original counter.

bubba said...

I had to turn it all on and as you would have guessed. I have seen this before. But your content of pictures was very nice. I just might have to get one of those for myself.