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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Golden Trevally Caravan Park Tin Can Bay

So suddenly, here I am, back in Tin Can Bay (we had visited and liked it on a previous trip) with a 4WD Nissan Wagon, towing a 13 foot aluminum boat, a tent and a heap of camping gear, all I own in the world.

The Gods were really pissed with me for some reason, because a week after I got there and set up camp, it began to rain, we had 9 inches of rain over the next 4 days.

I very quickly learnt that totally saturated canvas doesn’t keep the water out, so I urgently needed alternative living quarters.

I found some people with a caravan (trailer in the US) and solid annex for sale, I quickly bought it and this became my home for the next 3 years.

I relied on the caravan park lifestyle to keep me sane for most of this time, I was lucky enough to fall in with a group of lovely people, most of whom are still my friends, who with their warm hearted manner were able to lift my sagging spirits when needed.

There was a couple that I became especially attached to, Lyle and Margaret, with whom I teamed up and jointly bought the next property.


Merle said...

The stories are great but could have been improved by adding the
year at each residence.
How is Lyle these days?. Do you see Margaret sometimes? Did she baby-sit your house when you were in Adelaide etc?

Peter said...

Nah, would have made it too easy for you and Marcus to correct me.

bubba said...

we do have some in common. I too have met some wonderful folks doing this.

Marcus said...

Someone's go to keep you on the straight and narrow!

Big Dave T said...

Caravan (trailer park) lifestyle? I'm picturing shrimp on the barbie and a big can of Foster's with everone listening to someone playing a diggerydo. (Not too culturally sophisticated I am).

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Nah, 30 or 50 houses is not going to cut it. 60? 70?

Peter said...

Hi all, in no particular order, WHY do I have to stay on the straight and narrow??
50/60 houses, I've been workin' on it but somehow think I'll come up short, course I could use a bit of poetic licence and LIE,
Never had any friends who had mastered the didgerydoo, in Queensland you substitute FourX, (the rest of the country says we call it XXXX cos we can't spell beer) for Fosters, but apart from that, pretty accurate.
It doesn't matter where you get 'em from, friends are friends, we are accumulating a whole new bunch by b***ging.

kenju said...

Peter, you can borrow anything you want from my blog - anytime. Thanks for reading - and I saw that you also visited Carolyn, who left a comment for me. Isn't she funny!?