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Monday, October 24, 2005

photo url


Marcus said...

I see you're having sidebar problems, I've had the same trouble a couple of times, takes a bit of fiddling around to fix!!
znvbzjje (Stuffed that one up, got to try again with kwxmsiy !)

jeanette said...

good photo of you peter

bubba said...

So there you are. Very nice.

Paul said...

You left a query on my blog. Yes, I only display one post at a time. Thanks for asking.

I've enjoyed your blog as well, sir.

My brother and his wife are leaving the Heart of America this weekend and going to your country to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Maybe you'll see them.

Ivy the Goober said...

Is that you, Peter? Give yourself a great big hug from me! :)

WV: qarpg

Peter said...

Hi all, yeah thats me in all my glory, I'm trying to copy a URL into my template to get my face up there for everyone to admire.
Just like you did Ivy Sue, how did you manage that? Each time I copy either the whole URL or a part of it the message is illegal URL, I thought I'd need a number across my chest to be an illegal!!