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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Why I live where I live 3 & 4

These are the next two house in the series, it's a pretty long list folks!

Station Street
North Carlton

Dunstan Avenue
East Brunswick

Station Street North Carlton

Again our stay here was fairly brief, and again this “Terrace House” style is now also very trendy, allowing people to live within a mile or two of the city centre.

One of the reasons for our short stay here was the profit margin available to Dad.

About this time it was firmly established that my Mother was a “homemaker” and not at all interested in constantly moving from one place to another.

As was often the case in our household, this led to some “lively” discussions.

Despite all this we were soon packed and away to our next destination, in fairness our packing up was not a huge task as we had very few possessions at that stage.

Dunstan Avenue East Brunswick

This may well be the site of my Dads last outright victory, all the same attributes that applied to our previous homes were there, including the short term of residence.

All the previous Melbourne addresses had been close enough together so that Merle and I could stay at the same school, that still applied here but it did mean a tram ride to get there.

This was probably the site of my first experience of friendships that weren’t pre-ordained by my parents.

Many of my “friends” up until now had been cousins or children of my parents friends.

Don’t get me wrong about this, I had nothing against these kids, it’s just that I discovered this new kind of friendship.


Lisa M said...

Hi Michele sent me. Those are cute houses.

kenju said...

Nice photos, Peter. Similar to some of the houses I lived in while I was growing up. We moved around a lot too, but all in the same area. My dad would buy a house, live in it and fix it up, and sell it at a profit. I think your dad and mine were a lot alike (except mine did not become wealthy doing it).

Glad to see you are playing the meet n' greet. It will bring you more traffic if you play it throughout the day - and you write so well that other people deserve to know about you!

Marcus said...

Good morning Pop!
I've been surfing round some of Hoss's links, he's pretty funny and has so many blog relationships on the go I don't know how a 75 year old keeps up with it all!
I joined the meet n greet crowd too, pretty interesting idea!
I've just bee looking to see if any of the airlines had any really cheap deals on flights to Sydney, it would be fun to go to the NRL Grand Final tomorrow night (tonight), don't imagine it sells out quite the way the AFL GF does. One of my mates from Perth, Bruce, is going as a guest of the NRL! He's the WA schoolboys team manager, all expenses paid trip!
Hope Bruce and Jane and Cody's visit is going well.