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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Seems there may be some confusion as to why I posted the
previous link, until I get my own act together for a post
here is another link "Muzik Dude"


kenju said...

No confusion here, Peter.

bubba said...

I ain't confused either. I think. HAHA

Big Dave T said...

I'm confused as to why you're confused. Both links hooked me up with posts which were very topical and enlightening, and I read them both.

Thanks for posting them. You've always got something good to read here.

Maria said...

Heck, I am a Christian but not a righteous one. My daughter-in-law is Jewish and we try to include a Menorah and a little Hannukah cheer because we love her. My other kids are all Christians, but have a strong realization that there is more than one religious holiday in December. So all in all, let folks who don't know me say "Happy Holidays". I will be just as happy. I do not have a need to make others (not even one) uncomfortable with Merry Christmas.

Müzikdüde said...

My post was lengthy. It seems a lot of readers skipped to the last paragraph and felt like my point was to chastise Christians.

The REAL point is that both sides of the equation are out of line. I won't be offended by someone saying Happy Holidays or Happy Kwanza. It's a greeting that reflects the beliefs of the person offering it.

Wla-Mart and Target can require their employees to say Happy Holidays and it shouldn't have an effect on anyone.