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Friday, February 10, 2006

Elle McPherson

Elle McPherson (born Elanor Gow)

Born 1965 Sydney

I must say I had more fun researching this
story than is probably decent, browsing the
reams of photos was indeed a pleasant task,
but there is much more to Elle McPherson
than just her ravishing good looks, there-in
lives a lovely person, and an intelligent lady.

Gorgeous Elle McPherson successfully negotiated her supermodel status into
a film career.

A millionaire's daughter and a native of Sydney, Australia, Elle was raised by
her mother after her parents divorced.

Standing six feet tall, the willowy but curvaceous blonde first gained fame
after she was selected to appear in one of Sports Illustrated famous swimsuit

One of the periodical's most popular models, she appeared on its cover four
times and, in 1986, she graced the cover of Time magazine.

She became the unofficial ambassador for the Australian tourist commission.

Her status as a supermodel secured, McPherson branched out into films,
appearing opposite Tara Fitzgerald, Hugh Grant, and Sam Neill in Sirens ,
an erotic portrait of a preacher's wife who comes to accept her sensuous
nature during a visit to the home of notorious Aussie artist
Norman Lindsay.

The role required McPherson to gain 30 pounds (and to show the world
exactly where they were located) to soften her model’s angularity,
(I must have missed that angular period, I always found her drop dead
gorgeous,) giving her a soft, but still pleasing appearance.

She lost the pounds and then appeared opposite William Hurt in Jane
Eyre, following that up with a role in Barbara Streisand The Mirror Has
Two Faces (both 1996).

In addition to her Film and modeling careers, McPherson has also
proven herself a shrewd businesswoman.

She owns a lucrative lingerie company in Australia. She is a single
mother and has homes in the
U.S., London, and Australia.

Personal quote

On modeling: "I'm too old for that." (in 1999)


OldHorsetailSnake said...

See? All blondes aren't airheads (in fact, none of them may be).

bornfool said...

I know it was exhausting work picking out a photo, but you did good.

Big Dave T said...

I think your article cries out for an updated photo. Let's personally take one. You be the shutterbug, I'll be the necklace-straightener.

JunieRose2005 said...

LOL- you guys are funny!!

You, especially, big dave! That necklace looks pretty straight to me!! :)


bubba said...

too skinny. More meat.

Carolyn said...

I LOVE Hawkeye Pierce!

Oh, that was another post ;)

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Nice post on Elle who
was also known as "The Body".
I see a post on Fosters Farm today. Vicki will enjoy that,once
she gets settled. Cheers

Jamie Dawn said...

She is pretty, smart & successful. I'd say those are all great qualities!

Hale McKay said...

She is definitely a beautiful woman. Good info showing there is more to her than just her body.

Hale McKay said...

Oh - yeah - I forgot. Who's the idiot that put that necklace there in the first place?

LZ Blogger said...

What picture?! Was there a girl on this POST?! I HADN'T NOTICED! ~ jb///

Craig 'n' Jen said...

nice post, it's just great to know that your grandfather is still checking women out.

p.s. what happened to your side bar ?

Marcus said...

Here we go again! Jenna, I suspect you use Internet Explorer as your web browser, it causes lots of people not to see the sidebar in the right position. You'll probably find it at the foot of the blog.

BTW Pop, I read Lew's blog the other night, wow! That's blogging on the edge. Great reading.

Craig 'n' Jen said...

Yep you were right, there are at the very bottem of the page. So why did it not used to do that had how do i get it back to normal?

FTS said...

I'm catching up and decided I'd rather comment on Elle than Henry.

Can't blame a guy for that. ;)