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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A New Blogger Has Arrived

My blogging world has just expanded again, my very favourite daughter

has started a blog,
eh…. what’s that?... oh, it’s OK to have a favourite daughter when you only
have one.

Foster Farm.

Most of us are only babes of 1 or 2 years at blogging, and I’m sure you can all
remember the thrill you got when you realized that someone actually read what
you wrote.

Marcus of holtpress helped Vick to set up fostersfarm when she was in Perth
last week, but as his tuition didn’t extend to a Profile, I’ll fill in a couple of basic
details then let Vicki pad them out when she has the time.

Fosters farm is located at Wudinna, at the top of the Eyre Peninsular in SA,
Wudinna is on the main East / West, Eyre Highway, fairly close to the middle of
nowhere, just joking, but it is a long way from major centres.

Hubby Rex and their two sons run the farm, while Vicki does all the serious
work around the place, their daughter lives and works in Adelaide.

As well as the three kids mentioned, there is a bundle of dynamite, otherwise
known as a grandson for Vicki and Rex.

Because YET AGAIN I am going to ask you to call in and say hello to Vicki, I
thought it only proper that you know a little about her, I’m hoping she will
follow the trend that holtpress , heronsnest and of course myself have
started, we just can’t shut up!!!!

As well as the above named, there are two of my grandkids with Bogs,
Jenna and Zac, so we are expanding.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ We are surely taking over the world of blogging in
Australia at least. Will go visit Vicki's blog.

As I cannot open Holtpress comments, would you please suggest Marcus visit Minerva,as she is feeling afraid. He may
have some words of comfort for her, though she gets lots of
encouragement from lots of us.

Da Gal said...

Wow Peter - pretty soon we can watch the holties house family reunion take place right here on the net! It's great that all of your family is showing up - I think your sis and son Marcus are fabulous so I will have to check out your daughter's place now too. I happen to be a favourite daughter myself... teehee! I don't tell my step sister that though!

JunieRose2005 said...


I will be sure to visit that favorite Daughter's place!

I am getting so many blog spots to visit, it's becoming confusing-as I have YET to figure out how to set up a blog-roll! :( so -unless I can click directly from a reply to a post I have to go search through my favorites list to find who I want!

Lol- I can be forgiven in this as I am OLD -also BLONDE!


bornfool said...

I've already been by and said hi. you really started something. lol.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I took up some of her time, too.

mreddie said...

Dropped over to your daughter's new post and said hi. ec

Maria said...

I am so jealous! What a wonderful family you have to all be into blogging.

My father always called my niece, his favorite grand-daughter. It took her until she was eight or nine to figure out she was the only one.

I promise to drop in on your daughter's blog.

Jamie Dawn said...

All in the family!
I have a favorite daughter and a favorite son. It works out well when you have just one of each.
I'll pop over and say hello to your family.

Craig 'n' Jen said...

Now as nice as it is that you pop by my blog site, i have to say "I DIDN'T GET A WHOLE BLOG DEDICATED TO MY SIGN ON" ohh, i'm shattered!!
lol! Do you know why my photos wouldn't be showing up on my post all of a sudden?

LZ Blogger said...

Peter - I stopped by and said "HI" to Vickie! ~ jb///