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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Revenge on the telemarketer.

I'm not quite sure how this reposting got here, I was editing it and somehow
seem to have reposted too!!! strange contraptions computers!!!

Oh for the opportunity, and the wit to have done this.

Revenge on the telemarketer.

The phone rang as we were sitting down to dinner. I answered it and was
greeted with,"Is this William Wagenhoss?" This didn't sound anything like my
name, so I asked,"Who is calling?"The telemarketer said he was with The
Rubberband-PoweredFreezer Company or something like that. I asked him
if he knew William personally and why was he was calling this number.
I then said, off to the side, "Get really good pictures ofthe body and all the
blood." I turned back to the phone and advised the caller that he had called a
murder scene and must stay on the line because we had already traced this
call and he would be receiving a summons to appear at the local courthouse to
testify in this murder case. I questioned the caller at great length as to his
name, address, phonenumber at home, at work, who he worked for, how he
knew the dead guy and could he prove where he had been about one hour
before he made this call.
The telemarketer was getting very concerned and his answers were given in
a shaky voice. I proceeded to tell him we had located his position at his
workplace and, the police were entering the building to take him into custody.
At this point, I heard the phone fall and the scurrying ofhis running away.
My wife asked me as I returned to our table, why I had tears streaming
down my faceand so help me, I couldn't tell her for about fifteen minutes.
My food was cold, but oh-so-very enjoyable.


Cliff Morrow said...

Good one Peter, I'd read of that being done but never heard of anyone who had done it. Right on.

Peter said...

Sorry folks, this is an inadvertant reposting, I was editing it because it had taken steroids and the font had become HUGE and somehow I've republished it.
It's pretty funny stuff so I'll leave it there.

JunieRose2005 said...



Jamie Dawn said...

My mother was so annoyed with telemarketing calls that she started being downright rude. It was hilarious to hear her bite the heads off those people, who of course are only doing their annoying jobs.
We have a national Do Not Call registry and I put my parent's number and our home number on it. No more of those pesky calls.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

What a great idea...I'll have to try this one. Sounds like great fun. "You have reached a murder site."

I read your whole page of posts and I really enjoyed all your jokes and sometimes I laughed so much that I also had tears in my eyes and it was hard to breathe.

I really enjoy uplifting blogs that make me laugh and I will be back.

Da Gal said...

I love this one posted or reposted makes no difference.

:)one of your adoring fans.

StringMan said...

There is now a fugitive telemarketer out there somewhere in the world, telling anyone who will listen that he's innocent. Who says life isn't fair?

The Stig said...

Genius, just genius. Sounds like something I'll have too use, I'll hahve too practice up my C.S.I voice. Next one I get though I'm gonna try too sell 'em my mothers car. Could be interesting.