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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Come for a look around Australia with me

I'm just having a play around with some photos, I seem to have been
telling everyone else what to do with photos lately, so thought I'd
better get in some practice.

I'm not sure whether the limitation was 5 photos or 1MB size, but I
could only load these 5 photos here, these are loaded as small images.

This is Cradle Mountain - Lake St. Clair in Tasmania.

Tasmania is our Island State, and a very beautiful, if tiny, place
it is at our most southery point, (closest settlement to the South Pole)
so the weather here can be pretty chilly, and subject to very
rapid change.

This lovely spot is Lake McKenzie, on Fraser Island, Queensland

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, a little over 100
miles long and up to 20 miles wide, lake McKenzie is a crystal clear
fresh water lake, one of several on the island.

A "mob" of Kangaroo's feeding and at play at sundown.

Kangaroo's are the largest of our marsupials and are largely nocturnal
so early morning and at sundown are the times you most often see them
in the centre of this pic are two males. (bucks) playfully fighting, these
fights loose their playfullness when it comes to breeding jousts.

I love this almost sepia effect that shows the city skyline of Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia, also known as the city
of churches it is the 4th largest city in Australia and a lovely city.

This little fellow is our lovely Koala, another marsupial.

Often mistakenly called a Koala Bear, they are not a member of the
bear family at all.

Koalas live in eucalypt (Gum) trees, they live on a diet of gum leaves
which are very low in food value, so they have to consume great
quantities to get their energy requirement, for this reason they are
very lethargic most of the time


Jacqui said...

Great pictures of everywhere important in Oz except Perth and the beautiful Swan river, remember you still have two sons living there. Guess you will rectify the oversight.

Jacqui said...

I have been meaning to ask, do you think your vetting the comments is the better way to go.

You are right about the number of photos that can be posted, I will try your idea about emailing them, thanks jacqui

Jamie Dawn said...

The Sydney Opera House is what I think most of us in the US picture when we think of Australia. It is such a dominant and beautiful symbol.

The parrots are so beautiful!!

I blog with a woman from Victoria. I don't know if you have ever visited her blog:


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Great idea and great photos.
Are you trying to beat Jerry?
I noticed your Comment moderation and
wondered about it. You and Judy both have that. Why? Cheers Merle.

kenju said...

Peter, I have now seen all the posts with photos and all I can say is I hope to be able to see Australia someday, in this life or the next! Great pics - thanks for sharing.