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Monday, September 04, 2006

More on the overnight at Wazza's

This is the Green mob; Warren, Bob, Denise, Marilyn, Wendy.

I got this follow up stuff from Warren, and not being one to waste a
opportunity I'm going to share it with you.

Hey Peter,

I cut and pasted into word your post on visiting at wazzasplace and
sent it to

Here's her reply.

That was a funny excerpt from Peter's blog. I especially liked the
comment about you doing a sit com. He has a great sense of
humour (YEP I’D AGREE WITH HUMOUR) and a sense of theater
and it is a brilliant (WOULDN’T GO AS FAR AS BRILLIANT) idea.
actually the blog is the first step towards doing that.
How great too, to have a friend like Peter. (NOT TOO SURE


Here's what Wendy had to say about your blog.

Hey Warren

I just read the blog and had a laugh. I can just see and hear you
and Peter going head for head and I can just see Roz ploughing
on with her rendition of the renovations but mind you she must
be excited about it all.
You and Peter are real shits when you want to be.......hehehe.
just joking. Will you delete this last comment I wonder......
Anyway Brother have a good one and keep up the blogging.
Talk soon.
Love, Your little sister. (Wendy)

Marilyn said;

Hey Warren,

That was a goodie! But you have to send these to Hannah as
well as she was saying how she loved reading your blogs but
don't think she would go so far as to regularly read Peter's
can just forward her excerpts......

love Maz

As most of you would know by now, Denise is Warrens Sister
who lives and paints in New York, Wendy and Marilyn are
Sisters who live near him in Brisbane, there’s a Brother to go
yet but we aren’t holding our breath for Bob’s comment!!!!

It’s easy to see Warrens interjections 'cos they’re LOUD


Hale McKay said...

Those were some great comments. There certainly are some wonderful people in Oz. (How'd you get to be there?) Just joking to keep the flavor of all you and your friends and family.

I see you still have yourowls.

annadams95340 said...

Just checking to see if I can access your blog. I can't get to Merle's and she said she's having problems.

This one seems to be fine.


Jeanette said...

Hi Peter
got some good comments here.
i just come to tell you i cant get into Merle's blog but i see im not the only one having that problem hope you can help fix the problem
Take Care Jan
ooopps forgot to say love your music

Jim said...

I forgot to wish you a HAPPY FATHERS DAY! Can I do it late?