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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The ARL Grand Final

Broncos Victorious!

Some joy for we who live in Queensland, the Brisbane Broncos defeated
the Melbourne Storm in their Grand Final match, the game is
traditionally played in Sydney and in fact this was the first time ever
that there wasn't a Sydney based team playing in the Grand Final.

This sparked fears that the match would not draw a good crowd, they
need not have worried, Australian crowds seldom miss the chance to
see a good sporting spectacle, there was an excellent crowd and they
were treated to a very good game.

Both teams have won every Grand Final they had contested up until
now so it was obvious that one side or the other would loose that
particular honour tonight, the Melbourne Storm had a one for one record
while Brisbane Broncos were defending a five for five record, now six for

As well as that the Broncos coach now holds the league record for six
premierships, while the Club has six flags out of the eighteen years in
the league so there were quite a lot of records broken with this victory.

I am not a huge fan of Rugby League but it is always good to cheer for
your home side so I enjoyed the game.


Marcus said...

It was a good game, I didn't think Brisbane would win but Webke seemed to inspire them to victory. Melbourne were unlucky to have the King try disallowed and a couple of other calls go against them but Brisbane played very well to win. Wayne Bennett is a coaching legend! Amazing record.
It was a good game, but not as good as the AFL yesterday, what an absolute cracker of a Grand Final, even with West Coast winning it!!

Cliff Morrow said...

Congrats on the win Peter!!
I like the post on the ladies and also the engineering jokes. Great stuff that is. Take care.