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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Tree

Now let's get this straight once and for all shall we?

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This is a Christmas tree.
It is not a Hanukkah bush, it is not an Allah plant,
it is not a Holiday hedge
nor a Holiday tree or a Seasonal tree.
It is a Christmas tree.

Say it... CHRISTmas, Yes. CHRISTmas - celebrating the Birth of
Jesus Christ!!!

Do Not remove "Christ" from Christmas
Take a stand and pass this on this is not only Our Tradition, but known
world wide, just do not try to make us, the Christian people, change to
your way of thinking.

We do not say you can not say or do as your traditions, so please do
not expect us to change to your ways.

By the way it is our custom here in to say and wish others a
"MERRY CHRISTMAS" Not Happy Holidays nor Seasons Greetings,

This is the Christmas season, not the Holiday season.
Oh yeah and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

If you agree with this, please feel free to pass it on!

Creativity has got to start with humanity

and when you're a human being,

you feel, you suffer.


Hale McKay said...

Bravo! Amen!

Anonymous said...

Evil Blogger won't let me post as me, so Anonymous I must be !!
Merry Christmas, Peter.
Hope your week is going well.
Take care, Meow

Merle said...

Hi Pete ~~ Margaret sent me this too. It is very nice isn't it ? And so true, Christmas is Vhristmas !!
So I hope you have a very Merry
Christmas. Take care, Love, Merle.

Judy said...

Peter, I agree with you. I say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and to people whom I know are Jewish, I say Happy Hanukkah. But I am not offended when people say Happy Holidays - because I think they mean both Christmas and New Year's.

We have carried political correctness too far, in my opinion, and we need to reign in those people who would complain about everything - and make us take down trees unless we put up a Menorah, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am so angry that the Seattle airport in the US removed their Christmas tree because a rabbi complained!!! P.S. It's Katherine at In a Big Way - blogger won't let me leave a comment unless it's anonymous. I think because you've switched to the new beta version and I haven't...

Karen said...


Anonymous said...

Peter ~ I think beta-blogger is messing with me. I have been trying to post to you for the last 3 days... but alas I had to do it anonymous! I was trying to say... I COULDN'T AGREE more! ~ jb///

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and all. Nice tree.

Lee said...

I think I'd better go out and get myself a Christmas tree!!! I forgot! Silly me!

John said...

Gee, Peter. I wrote my own post for today and then came over here to check out yours. Kindred spirits, I think.

Oh, and did you get my email with the other 5-6 poems? I sent it before the fridge tag one. Let me know if you didn't and I'll re-send.


Walker said...

Where did you get my "Christmas tree" LOL
Same picture i used last year.
Yes unless you are beaver that's a Christmas tree other wise its dinner.
It's a symbol of our religion and no one will take that away.

Donna said...

You do have a lovely CHRISTMAS Tree. It can't be happy holidays to you as you are always on holidays.
Merry CHRISTMAS Peter.


(By the sounds of it alot of people are having trouble with BETA. I have been ok for the moment)

jeanette said...

Hi Peter
I am one of many having problems
with posting comments. \
nice Christmas Tree.
A very Merry Christmas Peter.
take care Jan