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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Is it Wed 3rd - or Frid 13th??

I’m not sure what is going to wind up on this post, I don’t usually make
New Year Resolutions, I don’t usually use the blog to Rant, and I don’t
care much for people who whine, (as distinct from people who tell us of
their real troubles.)

Okay, what brought this on, I got the news that my youngest Son and
his wife of 18 years have separated, like so many of us they appeared
to have a happy and sound marriage, if I’m confused by this imagine
how their 9 year old Son is feeling.

I got a Christmas card c/w a lovely letter from my Grand-daughter in
SA, the one who’s engagement I am to attend in early March, same day
I got an email postponing the engagement, email says… no troubles,
they are happy and in love??? I smell something a little fishy here.

With these two new pieces of information in my mind I read of Judy’s
resolution to use less exclamation points!!! now this probably seems a
fair stretch from one thing to the other! but in my current somewhat
fragile state it’s amazing what can become a burr under the saddle.

Please Judy, don’t take this as a personal assault, far from it, you are
one of my oldest (in length of blogging contact) blog friends, it just got
me thinking of what we do in our blogs/lives that may irritate others?

I have a pet peeve with people who overuse LOL and it’s derivatives,
there are people on my blogroll who do this, surprise, surprise!

Again if you feel you may fall into this category please don’t be
offended, I still read your blogs and just mentally delete a few LOL and
LMAO etc. while otherwise enjoying your posts.

Once more I say, Okay, so what about your own writings?? yeah I use
a few ?? … !!! things, I sometimes spell artrocushly (although in my
own defense I nearly always use a spell-checker and I have a well worn
dictionary sittin’ (another thing I do a fair bit is abbreviate words) on
my desk, so I try!! There is also the excuse that some of my readers
are from America… where they are taught to spell poorly.

C'mon folks, I reely expected to be picked up on atrociously by now!

I am very proud to be an Australian, and I probably oversell this at
times but it’s a bit like when my Son Marcus found Christianity he said
to me, “If I found the cure for cancer Dad, wouldn’t you want me to
tell you about it?” when I agreed that this would be nice, he said “Dad
I’ve found so much more than that and I want to tell you about it.”

So I guess that means if you read my blog you’re gonna have to put
up with me raving about Australia.

I read with envy about the good things that my friends do, (not enough
envy to get me off my lazy ass usually) and the enormous odds they
overcome, their bravery in the face of adversity and I feel humbled and
just a little worthless, my contributions are so small and at times so
self centred by comparison.

Well I did preface this post by saying I didn’t know where it would wind
up so if you have got this far, I thank you… I apologize for the ravings…
and I will get back to normal… or my version of it, next time.


Hale McKay said...

Well written and said, Peter. I do not find anything abnormal, by the way. (as opposed to BTW.)

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ I am so sad to hear about Bruce and Jane. If there is no third party involved, maybe there could be a reconcilliation at some stage. I feel for Cody and also Adam.
The engagement news will sort itself out I guess. I thought you were coming over for Jenna and Craig's wedding. Anyway, whatever will be will be, try not to stress about it.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Margaret said...

Hya Peter, Sorry to hear the bad news. maybe as Merle says it may be they will get back together, one can always hope. Keep your chin up.
Cheers Margaret

Jack K. said...

Glad you were able to get all this stuff out of your system, if only for a short time. Hopefully, it allowed you to get some perspective about it all.

I hope you get a laugh out of this. It is in response to your comment about we Americans be taught to spell incorrectly. About 15 years ago I was hired by a defense/defence contractor to rewrite/edit a manual that was part of a computerized military war "game". The game and manual were developed in, you guessed it, Australia. Not being well versed in Australian, I only hope I did it justice. (insert your favorite symbols for laughter here.)

Katherine said...

Very sorry to hear about your son and granddaughter's love troubles. Very sad. I think you should rave about Australia all you want - that's wonderful you're happy there and love the country!

JunieRose said...


So sorry to hear of your son and daughter-in-law's problems! Perhaps they can work it out.

Anyway, glad you were able to share this because you needed to. You have to know your blog friends are here for you; to share in the fun times as well as sad times.


jules said...

You punctuate to your little heart's content, Petey Baby.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I guess I'm just easy to get along with. I haven't noticed anything on your blog that has offended me. I agree with the LOL at times. Not sure if it means lots of love or laughing out loud. As for your country, I hope to visit it somedad and nothing you post would change my mind. your New Year is a good one.

Big Dave T said...

Nice change of pace, Peter. I do like it when bloggers change up a bit with some personal thoughts or observations that come from the heart. Since they're written from the heart, they're usually quite compelling, as your's is here. Thanks for sharing.

Jim said...

Hi Peter, Happy New Year too, in spite of those problems with kids and grandkids.
Some of mine have gone through that. Tim got his divorce this year after about 20 years of being married. I think it was overdue.
Youngest daughter also after a couple of years. Again it was needed.

You have blogged like crazy while I have been scarce. I sure did go wrong on the twin peaks test. I think she is a paid model.

BTW, :), [:), and LOL! Those are all the bad words I can think of right now. The grandkids know a whole lot more of them because they use them for IMing.

BTW, :), [:), and LOL!

and 73s, BCNU (ham radio lingo)

Maria said...

We never stop worrying about our kids and there is so little we can do when their marriages go sour.

With a failure rate of over 50 percent for marriages here in the states, we all have felt the pressure in our families and our own marriages.

You are the greatest guy, and I love reading your posts. You keep me laughing with all the jokes and you keep alive my hope of someday visiting beautiful Australia. There is nothing wrong with a little bragging about your country. You have much to be proud of.

Now as to the way we spell over here, shame on you. We pride ourselves in our ability to spell and none of those funny British spellings would do here. (I am refraining from using LOL but it is tough because hopefully you know I am teasing.)

Joy Des Jardins said...

Rave on Peter. I see nothing wrong with telling us how you feel...I also see nothing wrong with your love of your homeland.

You've had some upsetting news. You never have to apologize for speaking from the heart. I find it much more appealing to have you show your emotions...however you release them....than to bottle them up and keep them to yourself. One of the nicest things about blogging is that you CAN share all of this with us...just as we share our lives with you. I'm sorry about your son and his wife; but I'm sure they didn't come to this decision easily. You sound like a pretty terrific Dad to me...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Peter
Sorry to hear your sad news. Hopefully it may be just a glitch that needs a little time apart, who knows?

I agree about Australia, it's the best place in the world to live (not that I've lived in too many other countries) and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

As for the punctuation and abbreviations...well, too much of anything is too much lol, lol, lmao, roflmao, etc!


Lee-ann said...

Hi Peter this is a very first visit so I will bring the wine! or a stubbie maybe, I am thinking one right about now would not hurt either of us "right!"

I dropped in via Vals and will be back to see you when you are having a normal moment! but you know I think I like you just the way you are right now.

I wish you much happiness for the new year truly I do and I hope like all the others that the little grandchild's parents work this out for the best for them all.

I will be back to see you again I am sure.......Shhhhssssss! aha! just a cold one being openned by me!


Raggedy said...


Jim said...

You should feel bad, you even got Raggedy calmed down with her signs.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter
Im Still catching up on the news.
Sorry to hear Bruce and Jane have split up, Maybe there will be a reconcilliation for the boys.
Take care keep smiling,Jan