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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gympie to Adelaide

Day 1 of the trip.

Wow that was a big day, nearly 1700 km (a bit over 1000 miles) in about 18 hours, had to have a few wake up stops to keep going, I was forced into this because the town I had chosen to overnight in was booked out, that’s 5 motels and a caravan park (trailer park), due to some major expansion at a local mine so I had to go on another 300 miles!!

Lucky I wasn’t 12 hours earlier as there was some fairly serious flooding (about 3 feet deep) over a section of the road I was using. it had drained off the road by the time I arrived.

It was dark for the first 6 hours while I was still in Queensland, again I was delayed for about an hour which put me right into Kangaroo country just before and during dawn, this is the hour that they choose to commit suicide in large numbers.

I had only seen 3 or 4 up until then but there were dozens around by dawns light, mainly smallish, stand about 3 foot high, but also 3 or 4 big ones, about 5 feet high, that would have done serious damage to my Subaru, fortunately I didn’t hit any of them, I have never hit a kangaroo or any other native animal, touch wood.

Once the daylight made its presence felt I noticed that most of the paddocks were green, wow thought I, the drought is over in these parts… then I looked closer, there was only a green tinge without any real growth and any sheep or cattle near the road still looked pretty skinny, any of you who have any farming background will recognize this as a green drought just enough rain to green things up but not the right conditions to complete the job.

And pretty near no rainfall in the water catchments areas, which is the real problem for so many of our cities and towns.

At least today’s big effort means an easy day tomorrow to get into Adelaide and start catching up with the family prior to Saturday’s wedding.

There is no internet access here so can’t post this yet or read what you have all been up to… maybe tomorrow.

Day 2.

I am now in Adelaide after a fairly short days travel, only favourite daughter Vicki and her mother Jacqui (some of you will know her as the bear lady although she has not posted for several months) are here yet but the others start arriving tomorrow and Friday (it’s Wed night here.)


Walker said...

thats a long drive, happy you made it without having to do any assisted Kangaroo suicides.

We have a deer suicide problem here with a moose thrown in once in awhile.

I didn't know kangaroos get to be 5 feet tall.

Carolyn said...

Glad you missed the flooding, and the roo's! Do Kangaroos really box with people? I've heard they can beat the crap out of a man.

Granny said...

We're a little far south for moose but we're covered up with deer. So far none of them have chosen my car to do themselves in.

I don't know what I'd do if a kangaroo suddenly appeared.

It's mating season here for the smaller animals and the roads are littered with skunks and possums (our only marsupial).

Marti said...

So happy for you taking a nice trip! Glad you avoided the kangaroo slaughter - lol

Terrific post - thank you for sharing! I have a day home so I am trying to say hello to my Internet friends! Hope all is well with you and you have a wonderful day!

Val said...

What an adventure, Peter! You have been lucky not to have hit a kangaroo. We've been unlucky to have hit two. Ok, they were unlucky too, but
1) in both cases we were going slowly on the lookout for them and they hopped TOWARDS the car at the last second, and
2) afterwards they hopped off into the bush, while the car is still sporting the massive dents. They are solid animals!

All that water...wish we could have some down here in Victoria.

Big Dave T said...

OK, you've never hit a kangaroo. But have they hit YOU. This past winter I was driving in Ann Arbor, in a subdivision--not some wooded area, and a whitetail deer hurled himself headlong into the side of my mini-van.

I've got a big dent now in the side of my car. The deer? He rolled around the pavement a bit, got up and ran off. He'd make a good player on one of your Aussie rules football teams.

Jamie Dawn said...

I glad to hear you didn't crash into any kangaroos.
I'm also glad you were able to make it those unexpected additional 300 miles after finding out there was no room at the inn, so to speak.
Flooding and drought at the same time.
Nature can be a mean tease sometimes.
Have fun with the family!!!!
I'm sure they are all so happy to see you.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Glad you made it to Vicki's by Wed night I thought you would. Glad you missed the kangaroos and the floods. Have a great visit with your family. Love to Vicki and Jacqui. Take care, Love, Merle.

Jim said...

Hi Peter -- That was a long drive, now you are (t)here. I hope you will keep on putting the book on. I think maybe I read it too, one of your six readers.
Best wishes for the wedding. Do you have a part?

Lee said...

Great to hear from you Peter and that you had a safe trip to Adelaide. Have a wonderful time at the wedding, and don't come away married! ;)

Meow said...

Thank goodness you made it safely so far. Please continue to drive safely. Have a grat time. Take care, Meow