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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Missing Bloggers.

Some of you may recall I posted this picture about 12 months ago with
the query, do you think that it's Ol' Hoss or Latigo Flint?

Well it was neither of them, but a picture my son Marcus liked at a
local gallery in WA, I also liked the painting and received it as a
Christmas present from Marcus and Carolyn.

I mention this painting again as it is how I imagine Latigo Flint would
look, No not Brian aka Latigo, the real squinty-eyed gunslinger of the
old west.

Missing Bloggers.

I managed to track down a favourite "missing blogger" by email
Latigo Flint for those who have read his blog and care, is still
alive and no doubt kicking too.

This is the first link in the chain, my email to Latigo;

Hey Latigo, I came across your email address in an old file and
decided to give it a try just to see if it would get a response or
bounce back to me.

I'm hoping that for some reason you just got sick of blogging
and that you are OK, it would be great to hear that at least you
are alive Buddy.


Email received from Latigo Flint, "squinty-eyed gunslinger"

Peter, my old friend.

Very nice to hear from you. I do live.

I don't quite know why I stopped writing the character of Latigo. One day I just couldn't do it anymore. I didn't feel like writing some big weepy good-bye--that didn't seem very Latigo-like. I tell myself he just saddled up one day and rode out of town, return uncertain, just like a real squinty-eyed gunslinger. I guess we'll see if I ever get him back.

How are things down there? I hope you're well and good and all of that.

All the best,

Brian aka Latigo

My second email to Latigo;

Hi Latigo, (none of that Brian stuff) it was great to hear that you are still kickin' ass somewhere, I think my first guess when you disappeared was that you had turned out to be the second fastest gun in the old west 'n The Kid had gunned you down in one of his temper fits.

For the sake of peace of mind for your legion of fans, who include my Son and Grandson, may I publish at holtieshouse the good news that Latigo Flint is still alive?

Please let me know if you ever decide to take on the same or a different guise as I very much enjoyed your imaginative writing style.

Things in Oz are still rollin' along much as they usually do, we are at the height of our summer and it's bloody hot, there have been some really bad bushfires (wildfires), our sporting instincts, which are all encompassing, are being catered for by an abundance of cricket and tennis, the exorbitant cost of petrol (gas) has dropped a little but is still miles higher than it should be, we continue to kill and maim one another with all manner of weapons, not the least of which is the motor car...

You know... same ol' same ol'.

The best to you.


The trail has gone cold again at this point, Latigo never gave his permission to publish as requested, but I figure he’s gotta come out of hiding to complain, so I probably won’t hear any more about it.


Walker said...

I have lost some bloggers in time and have gone out looking too.
If anything to know they are ok.
Having online friends can be hard sometimes when they disappear and you wonder why, what happened to them.
I bet ytou hear from him again :)
have a nice day

Rachel said...

So nice he answered you back anyway and so you know he's alive!
Sometimes bloggers disappear like that and then you wonder what happened to them. I like it when they say goodbye. Then at least we know.

Gene Maudlin said...

Thank you, Peter, thank you. I have been among the legions who wondered what happened with Latigo but didn't know how to find out. You're a good boy.

Lee said...

Great post, Peter. I'm sure Latigo was grateful for your interest shown in his welfare. Thanks for sharing this with us and I'm sure he doesn't mind your doing so.

Raggedy said...

Great post. I am sure you will hear from him again.
Waves to Latigo- it was good to meet you.
I am in touch via mail with some of the bloggers that are gone.
I still am not sure how long I will be around.
I finally changed over to the new blogger...so far so good..fingers crossed.

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Puss-in-Boots said...

I'm glad you found your friend Latigo again, even if only briefly. He may appear again and give you a bollocking for printing what he emailed to you!

Dave said...

I never read him.... but I may have to start now!

Hope things are going well with you bud.. long time no see!

Jeanette said...

HI Peter
Nice that you were able to find Latigo again. One day he might just start blogging again.
Take Care.Jan

Marcus said...

Good work Sherlock, well done, another blogging mystery unravelled by your cyber-sleuthing.

Great to know Bri..oops.. sorry...Latigo is alive and well.

Zaac said...

great to hear latigos alive, ill have to start making my way through his archives and hope he has the heart to resume by the time ive finished!!