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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blogging, What fun!!


I include here a copy of an email I sent to my Sister and another
blogging friend which appears to have solved my problem and

hopefully will fix theirs too

Hi Merle and Val, due to the on-going problem of not getting
notification of comments on our blogs through the normal
Netspace ISP system as a fix (at least temporarily) I have
opened a free Google "gmail" account and reset my email
address to use it in the "settings/comment" section of my blog.

The notification (that we used to receive from netspace) comes
through fine on this email address.

To open an account google gmail and follow the fairly simple
instructions they give, when it's opened change the settings to
receive notifications to the new gmail address, if you save it to Bookmarks/Favorites it will be a simple one click exercise to
check your new inbox for comment mail.

I didn't want to make this my default email so I said no when
asked this question, this means you have to check manually for
new messages but this is much better than checking posts every
so often, once the
post has been up for a few days who's gonna
check it then... but I've had comments referring to posts
that are a month old at odd times.

This refers to the portion of the post below the bloggers photos.

Bloggers photos yet again.

I think I said something about not torturing you with more blogger
photos???? I lied there are some more that just beg to be published.

This is the photo of choice for
Walker when the next collage
is done.

Somewhat surprisingly
(sorry Cliff) the vote
was strongly in favour
of the premise that
Tom Sellick had
modeled himself on
Cliff's rugged good

Here's a couple of candid photos of Wazza.... let me state very clearly
he did not dress this way when we shared a tent on our trip around
Australia, to the best of my knowledge he didn't have either of these
outfits with him at that time.

A recent photo of poopie, that's her
brothers protective arm around her
but we didn't want him clutterin'
up her picture did we?

It seems the plot thickens with the problem I and others who use
“Netspace” as our ISP are having at present, we do not receive email
notification when people leave a comment on our posts.

While this is annoying it hasn’t proven too serious up to date but it
now appears to be getting more confusing… The comments are getting
through OK but then an email notification arrives with a failure to
deliver message, I wasn’t aware that others were receiving these
emails too until Cliff Morrow sent me a copy with the attached note,
thanks Cliff, and sorry for the trouble, I’ve contacted Both Netspace
and Blogger but no joy yet in fixing the problem.

Hi Peter, Every time I leave a comment on your blog, I receive a series
(about 3) of these notifications saying my email has been rejected.
Not being the type to take rejection well, (just ask Marilyn) I thought
I would let you know. You must have an error somewhere.
Cliff Morrow

If you are being notified that emails are not being received you might
be good enough to let me know (my normal email works fine) it's
on the sidebar.

I appreciate your comments and assure you if they appear on the post
when you make them they DO stay there so I get them when I check
the post… and I thank you for them.


Walter GiannĂ² said...

Greetings from Palermo, Sicily

Very nice your blog..It's very funny...

Granny said...

I thought I was the only one this was happening too. Guess not.

My comments (like now) seem to stay but I get email telling me they didn't go through. Does that mean you don't get a copy in your email?

I'm so confused.

Pamela said...

I'm getting the notices on your blog comments, and one other blogger as well. It must be a blogger problem.

Granny said...

I should have said it's not just your blog. I can't remember the others but I'm pretty sure they're all Blogger.

Walker said...

Oh I get thiose notifications to I found a couple in my junk mail and was wondering why that was happening.
I don;t understand why it happens though. Yours are the only ones I get.

Jim said...

Well, Peter, my last comment [the temperature gauge post] didn't trigger any rejection, nor have I ever had one.
Keep it up with those picture collages. I think they are hard work, though.
I liked the Mad Max movies best.

Peter said...

Hi all, I've opened a new gmail account to receive comments, this is to see if it works.... more later.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I don't have trouble posting comments, but I can't send either you or Merle emails...they get rejected and bounced back...sort of like cheques, really...very rubbery.

Lee said...

Some wild bloggers there, Peter! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
Enjoy reading your blog.Cliff looks like a bit of a larakin-love his photo's.

Miss Cellania said...

The first time I saw a picture of Walker over here, I figured you must be very special to get one of those out of him, but now I see you have several, so I guess you must be VERY special!

Jamie Dawn said...

I never saw the resemblence between Cliff and Tom Selleck until now. They could be twins!!

I hope all your Blogger related woes get worked out soon. I've had no problems with leaving comments on your blog.

Marti said...

I got that message a couple of times, but I figured it was a Blogger boo-boo - LOL!

I nominated you for a Bloggers Choice Award for Best Humor Blog (along with voting for Miss Cellania, who is adorable!)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Rachel said...

I have had no problems with commenting on your blog.

I really laughed at Wazza's picture!! Are you sure he didn't dress like that when you shared a tent??

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ FUNNY STUFF here!I knew I liked both Cliff and Wazza. And now I know WHY?! ~ jb///

OldHorsetailSnake said...

It better not happen to me. I am always looking for a cause of action so I can sue somebody. Might as well be you.

Meow said...

Hi Peter, I haven't had any problems commenting on your blog (that is, when I get around to commenting anywhere !!). Hope changing the email address has solved the problem.
Good luck.
Take care, Meow

Val said...

Thanks for the advice, Peter, I now have a gmail address and email notification seems to be working.

Val said...

What about "Wake in fright"? Not to be recommended as a way of attracting tourists to Australia! But a gripping film.

Katherine said...

OH yes, blogger is so evil. It forces you to figure out you have to have a gmail account without coming out and actually telling you it is required. Unreal.

Zinnia said...

The $1.99 one gave me a chuckle!