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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bloggers who live in my computer v??

Time for an update on the people who live in my computer.
These are updated photos not new residents.

For those who do not recognize her, this is Ree, she has a hugely
popular blog about life on a cattle ranch with beautiful photos.

The super smart Jamie Dawn, with her new hair style.

this is Val, an Aussie/ex Californian blogger who has RETIRED.

This is Vickie, if you are unsure of what a truly brave woman looks like
just pop in and meet Vickie.

Davo, is an Aussie blogger who enjoys an occasional rant.

Junie Rose, with some of her beautiful roses.

My friend Ken, who has a very good photographic blog.

Lee, recently posted some photos from her earlier life,
including her wedding day.

Another very popular Aussie blogger Meow, (I think she likes cats.)

And their own little collage, I'll redo the main one soon so if you have
a favourite photo you would like included let me know.


Anonymous said...

Peter, anyone told you lately, you're a nice guy.

Vickie said...

Peter--Thank you for the very kind words in your description of me---Brave is something I have never thought of myself when I looked in the mirror or at the picture---Being honest here I will say I like it and thank you--now I will go about my way and do my best to become brave.

BTW---you are one of the best and I count my blessings to have you on my side.

kenju said...

It's nice to put faces with the names, Peter!

Val said...

Well chosen photo of me, Peter. Outdoors in my beloved country Victoria, on a bushwalk. So ME!

Meow said...

Hi Peter, thanks for including my photo ... that one also had Val in it, I think !!
I love that you are collecting and sharing blogger friend photos. I may have to do that myself !!!
I have been fiddling with MySpace over the weekend (why, I don't know !!!), which is why I have been absent from blogging ... well, that and other stuff !!
Have a wonderful week.
Oh yeah, have you had any rain yet ??
Take care, Meow

Ken Ferguson said...

Hi Peter, 50,000 ay? Phew, that's a lotta hits. It'll take me years to amass that amount of viewers, so thanks for plug, my "friend".
Yous, ever grateful, Ken

Jamie Dawn said...

Well I'll Be!!!
I know Junie Rose and Meow, and of course, I know Jamie Dawn. :-)

Blog buddies are gifts from God.

You're a peach!

Lee said...

Stop that, Peter! You gave me a fright when I saw myself looking back at me! lol

Anonymous said...

Very pretty pictures.