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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friends you make in cyberspace

I received an email from Ann, rocrebelgranny, I have long considered Ann a friend, I’m still trying hard to hold onto that thought however with the receipt of this email it is becoming more difficult.

Ann's email;
I found this while looking for something else (serendipity?) and
immediately thought of you and your sense of humor.

See what you think!!!!

Who are The Coprolites®?

We are a proud and ancient group of people. Many of the world's greatest leaders have been Coprolites. And you know what? You may be one of us too! Almost certainly, you have a friend or relative who is a Coprolite.

The Coprolites® are not an ethnic group like the Hittites, Canaanites, or Semites — although we go way back in history. We're not a religious group like the Mennonites, Carmelites, or Shiites — although we've produced many powerful church leaders.

No, Coprolite is actually a sort of mineral. It's a substance that usually doesn't get much respect, but scientists often find it fascinating to study. Well, our people also receive little respect but have a lot to teach others. That's why we've taken this mineral as our symbol.

The meaning of our symbol

Coprolite is fossilized old poop.

Our people are the fossilized old poops of the world. Just think how much of human history has been written by fossilized old poops. Our people have passed the important laws, led the big corporations, run the mighty governments. We deserve a lot more credit than we get for the way things are in the world today.

Fossilized Coprolite

You can buy the mineral known as Coprolite in many rock shops. Some specimens, although turned to stone, look like something a dog might have left on your lawn just yesterday. That's not the kind we use as our symbol. We prefer beautiful tumbled and polished pieces of multi-colored Coprolite. These specimens were left by dinosaurs millions of years ago. That just seems so appropriate, since our people already are associated with dinosaurs for some reason. Certificate

When you officially join the Coprolites, you receive a sample of this "Jurassic Classic" polished Coprolite nestled in a velveteen bag. Think of it as one dinosaur reaching out in fellowship to another across the ages. You'll also receive a personalized framed certificate proclaiming your membership, as well as a booklet explaining the importance and high status of our group. Finally, you'll be able to order a wide variety of custom embroidered wearables to help you show your Coprolite pride.

The perfect birthday gift

Strangely enough, most of us don't even realize that we're Coprolites until someone else points it out. That's why our members seldom join on their own. A friend or relative signs them up, often to recognize a big birthday. The number of years doesn't really matter. People can achieve Fossilized Old Poophood at almost any age.

If you're curious to know whether you (or a friend of yours) may qualify to be a member of this distinguished group, find out by reading How can I tell if I'm a Coprolite?

OK, I have a sense of humor, and with my 71st birthday on Monday 28th I guess I qualify by some of the coprolite standards so it’s my pleasure to tell you that if you follow the link above and then have a look around the website via their sidebar, I really liked "read the coprolite columns", you may well get a chuckle from it, …. I did… thank you Ann, (my friend.)


Anonymous said...

Peter, I'm leaving town for a few days and will not return until after your glorious Monday. In doing the right thing, I want to wish you a super Birthday in advance. I was going to mail a cake, but it wold probably look like a pile of Coprolites when it arrived. Hence, no gift this year.

Cliff Morrow said...

Seems Ann knows you quite well Peter.
About monday, when you draw that big breath to try and blow out what might seem to be a blazing inferno, make sure someone has hold of your arm just in case you get light headed and go down.
Happy Birthday to you Peter!

Pamela said...

Try not to let it put a strain on your relationship with her.

(A guy at work brought in a piece of that as a goodbye gift for one of our co-workers. He was sincere -- a strange sort of fellow with unbelievable knowledge about anything that can be dug from the ground)

Pamela said...

Oh.... a birthday on monday - (which is our memorial day.)

That's nothing to poo-poo!!!!

Christina said...

How funny! I did go over and read the website, found it very amusing. Weird, but I just finished a book in which one of the characters collected fossilized dinosaur dung. No shit! (pun intended). The book never referred to it as coprolite, and when I read it, I wondered if people really identified and collected such a thing. I guess now I know.

Christina said...

Oh, yeah, Happy Birthday in advance, in case I don't blog on monday. It is a holiday here in the US.

Suzz said...

You always make me smile, but then we Gemini people are so adorable. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and no one gives you a membership in the Coprolites.

Jim said...

Hi Peter -- Thanks for the visit (blog) last night. You found we are back (early) now.

Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!
Happy Birthday Peter!

I'm guess you'll still be visiting with your sister for that. So again, Happy Birthday Peter!

I sure do hope I'm not a Coprolite. I won't tell the friends just in case they might think differently after their education in that matter.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Coprolite? I wonder if that is the origin of the exclamation "Sh*t a brick!"? Maybe not. Happy birthday.

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a lot of old sh*t, Peter! Hahahahaaaaa!

Happy birthday for Monday. I'm getting in today because I may feel like coprolite tomorrow after a long day!

Meow said...

It's late-ish Sunday night, I am working on Monday so ......


Have a fantastic day.

Take care, hugs, Meow

kenju said...

Thanks to this I have discovered that I live with a fossilized old poop - which I already knew, of course. But now I have a new name for him - coprolite....LOL


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Hope you have a very happy birthday and don't burn the house down with all those candles.
Walter and Jacqui bought Allan and Lorna's camper van and have been traveling in it and then will leave it in their Garage and fly home.
All the Flints will be here tomorrow
Brendon is buying our dinner as we thought it was too cold to go out.
You will be missed in spirit. We will think of you for your birthdsy
Take care, Love Merle.

Vickie said...

Hmmm is that the same thing as a bunch of "shit"---well I think you are just sweet so there---and Happy Birthday and may there be many more--at least until I visit. :)

Granny said...

From one old poop (I just turned 69) to another, Happy Birthday once again.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it.


JunieRose2005 said...

Dear Peter,

A little early but hope you have a Happy Birthday!

Junie Rose

Stuart said...

Happy birthday Mr Holties House. Hope you have an awesome day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
Hope you have a happy birthday, guess it will be a little quieter than last years.
Jacqui and #3

Merle said...

Hi Again Peter ~~ Happy Birthday
once again and no more until next year when hopefully we will both be still here. Love, Merle.

Val said...

Dear Peter,

Have the happiest of birthdays!


Rachel said...

You are the first Coprolite I have heard of Peter!! Teehee!!

Happy Birthday to you!! I hope it's as wonderful as can be and then some!!

Hale McKay said...

Happy birthday, you sack of coprolite!

I hope you have a good one, as well as many more.

Raggedy said...

Happy Birthday Peter!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Walker said...

Happy Birthday Peter!!!!!

You have a perfect sense of hunor now I am off to follow that link and see.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Just wanted to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I hope that international dateline thing doesn't mess me up?) Either way.. I hope that it is (or was) a GREAT DAY!!! ~ jb///

Marcus said...

Happy Birthday Pop.
Good to talk to you tonight.

Love Marcus

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
I hope you had a memorable birthday.Happy Birthday.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I didn't need Ann to tell me this about you. Your coproliteness is all over you.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh Cripes...I almost missed it...maybe I did. Happy Birthday Peter...you crazy 'ol Aussie. I hope you did something special for your B-day Peter....and I hope it was legal.

Peter said...

Thank you all very much for visiting and your Birthday wishes, much appreciated.