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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Town of Warren

Ooops.... Warren also has a Pub, how could I have forgotten to mention that?

On my last interstate trip I stopped of for a break at a little town called
Warren, as this name is shared with my good fried Wazza I roamed
around and took some photos with the vague idea that I might use them in
a blog one day.
Wazza’s recent visit reminded me of them, unfortunately
not until after he had left for home or I would have offered them to
him to do a blog about, anyway now I’ve found them again so here
goes for a post on “

Warren is a typical country town of the 1000 to 5000 population range, it
borders on the wheat belt of NSW with a rainfall of about 10 inches which puts
it also on the edge of the dry interior, as you travel west, away from the coast,
the landscape and land usage changes first to sheep and cattle grazing then to
the huge sheep station country where they stock the vast acreage with I sheep
to every 2 or 3 acres

Anyway back to the town of Warren, it is a tidy and quite pretty town of 2200
population situated on the Macquarie River, this is one of the many Australian
rivers that is prone to flood when our seasons are normal, this has not been the
case for about 10 years now and the Macquarie has been very quiet, the levee
banks around the town however tell the story of a quite different river at times.

The levee banks in these photos show that they need not be an eyesore, they have
been grassed over and blend in well with the landscaping.

There are all the services you would expect to find, Hospital, Retirement
facility, Veterinarian service, TAFE (Technical And Further Education) as
well as the normal State Primary and High Schools, CFA (Country Fire
Authority) and of course fuel agencies and Service Stations, shopping is
limited to the essentials which included a beauty salon, with the large town
of Dubbo only 126 Klm away (not far by Australian standards) most people
would shop there for the non essentials.

A modern Hospital and the adjoining retirement facility.

A large Vet service as is normal where stock are part of the farming in the area.

TAFE College, again fairly normal in Australian country towns.

Our Rural Fire Authority offer a service that is unsurpassed any where in the world.

Unleaded petrol at "Uncle Clarries" was 122.9cents per Liter (that's approx $4.90
per US gln) it would currently be about 134.9cents going by the prices locally.
(Don't you just love the fact that everything seems to be priced at ---- .9 where
the hell do they get that .9 from?)

This photo shows the Post Office, the Information Center, if you enlarge it you
will see there is a "Warren Weekly" but I couldn't find a copy when I was there,
The tower behind is the repeater for TV, Internet, Mobile phones etc. it is
clearly visible in photo #2, one last thing it also shows my Subaru reverse parked
at the kerb, a strange habit of lots of NSW towns.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Peter

Actually I got the score from the news online...I wondered why it said 0-6, guess I didn't see the one. Never mind, as you say, we won.

In Beaudesert about 25 mins drive from me, you have reverse angle park. I think it makes things easier to drive out forward rather than back out into traffic...but, you have to reverse into the carpark in the first place...in the traffic.

Val said...

An interesting look at a town I'd never heard of (and what about the name of that town on the sign : Nevertire!!).

That idea of backing into a parking spot isn't a bad one, it certainly would make leaving the spot easier and safer.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Nice post about the town of Warren - never heard of it before.
Looks a nice little town with the essentials, and as you say not far from Dubbo. Take care, Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

Warren sounds like a nice quiet town.

Lee said...

You do realise this is going to give Wazza a swelled head, don't you Peter???? ;)

Great game last night! A nail-biter at the end.

willowtree said...

My uncle was the health inspector at Warren for many years, and I used to go and stay there during the school holidays.

Those were my first experiences of flying (unattended), although in those days you couldn't fly to Warren itself, rather you flew to Dubbo and they drove you the rest of the way. That was over 40 years ago and it was nowhere near as developed as it is in your photos.

willowtree said...

Hey, I just saw that comment about parking! We park like that where I am, it's not so strange really, you park the same way every time, and don't have to stuff around with parallel parking or being blocked in!

And it's not just NSW, WA does it too. You just need wide enough streets to be able to do it. In fact I think MacKay even parks like that.

Jack K. said...

Great photos, Peter. I see your windscreen is much cleaner than mine was.

When I was in the Army, we called it combat parking. You never knew when you had to get away quickly. tee hee

"126Klm away" is quite some distance. There are places in the US where we just keep track of the time between locations. It doesn't seem as far that way.

Pricing anything with a .9 is a cowardly/thieving way to get another penny from us. We are so used to it we never even think about it anymore. Well, not often. The price of petrol while we were in Canada last month was 129.9 cents per liter. Twenty Canadian dollars doesn't buy much.

I look forward to more of your photos. Too bad Wazza will have to see these photos this way. Who knows what kind of mischief you boys would have gotten into while looking at them.

kenju said...

I wish I had the freedom, the money and the stamina to ravel to Australia and visit the small towns as well as the big cities. I guess I will have to be content to visit vicariously through your photos, Peter. I do enjoy them so much!

wazza said...

Gidday Peter,
I wasn't aware of Warren either and I have been to Dubbo, but maybe I came into Dubbo from a different direction. Of cause there is also a Warren region in Western Australia as mentioned in my Part 10 post of Brisbane to Perth with Holtie.

Jim said...

I like your Warren. Is this Warren NSW AU or Warren SA AU?

Canada has a Warren ON and a Warren MB.

The U.S. has Warrens in Texas (of course) and also in MI, OH, ME, RI, NJ, CA, CT, MA, AR, PA, AZ, IN, WA, VT, NY, MO, MN, UT, OR, MT, NH, ID, ND, AK, WI, NM, MD, CO, TN, OK, VA, and KY.
That is 33 states if I counted correctly. I haven't been to a one of them as far as I know even though I have been to all 50 states.
I have been within 12 miles of the one in Texas. Do you want me to prepare for blogging about it on my next trip that way?
If you and Warren were to visit the U.S. that would make an interesting trip.
There is only one Peter, that is in Iowa. New Hampshire has a Petersboro, I've been there.
I have been within 12 miles of the one in Texas. Do you want me to prepare for blogging about it on my next trip that way?

Jim said...

Warren, Texas is 96 miles from our home. We go within that 12 miles of two or three times a year.

Raggedy said...

I enjoyededt thest posted. wuldent you luved to chaneged the alled the singns to WAZZa....hahahaha!
i bider stop cemmentng me fngerds are wrseing thes afeternoon.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Big Dave T said...

So this town had the "essentials which included a beauty salon." Did they not have a pub? Seems like if they had a pub, then a beauty salon wouldn't be that essential.

Or maybe I'm just thinking like an American again.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm thinking that in Warren, the VET makes more money than the hospital.
I'd like to live in that town on the sign. It's called Nevertire. That town must be full of energy!

TLP said...

Great travel log Peter!

Rachel said...

Great hearing about Warren! Sounds like a nice town. Great pictures Peter.

That cost of gas is HIGH. Gee Whiz!!

Meow said...

Love this post, Peter. There are some lovely little towns throughout the Aussie Countryside. Haven't heard of this one before, but it looks cool.
Take care, Meow

Walker said...

Looks like a nice quiet place to sit back and retire. If the gas prices keep going up like they are just get a horse and let it eat its fill out of those levees :)
Great pictures

Have a nice day

Pamela said...

nice tour Peter....

was there a restaraunt?