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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Schapelle Corby

Is cellulite a problem in your life?

With obesity a factor in most of our lives now-a-days cellulite has become more
of a problem area than it ever was in the past.
We can choose to accept this or to stress out about it, but regardless of our
choice there seems to be very little one can do about ridding ourselves of this
unwelcome visitor once he comes to stay.
Or is there????

We could try just taking the matter gently in hand and getting on with life!!!!!

Schapelle Corby.

I'm going to make an assumption here that the Australian girl Schapelle Corby
who was convicted on a drugs charge in Bali in 2005 made it into the world news.

Briefly the then 28 year old Schapelle was convicted of importing 4.1 kgs of
cannabis into Indonesia in her surfboard bag, she has steadfastly denied this
charge claiming that baggage handlers at Sydney airport must have tampered
with her board bag.
Despite these claims she was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison.
she is currently serving this sentence at the notorious Kertokakam Prison in
She lost an appeal to have her sentence reduced or quashed in 2006, this has
led to the internet appearance of "CONVICTION" perfume.

A very clever play on words UNLESS your name happens to be Schapelle Corby.

Hoss loaned this one to Raggedy and I stole borrowed it from there.

Patents Office.

So I went to the Patent Office to register some of my inventions. I went to the main desk to sign in and the lady at the desk had a form that had to be filled out. She wrote down my personal info and then asked me what I had invented.

I said, "A folding bottle."

She said, "Okay, what do you call it?"

"A Fottle."

She she asks, "What else do you have?"

"A folding carton."

"What do you call it?"

"A Farton."

She snickered and said, "Those are silly names for products and one of them sounds kind of crude."

I was so upset I grabbed the form and left the office without even telling her about my folding bucket.


Big Dave T said...

Hoss's funnies are always worth a chuckle, even when I read them here. Humor is pretty much the same everywhere.

I was at a movie store today and they had a collection of Australian horror movies. Think there was Thirst, Patrick and Strange Behavior. Didn't know they made movies like that down under. (Thirst I can understand, I guess).

TLP said...

I don't know if I have cellulite or not. I am NOT going to look either.

I've never heard of Schapelle Corby. Boy! She's beautiful. Terrible for her to be in jail for such a long time.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Love the joke about going into the patents office...guffaw!

I've seen that Schapelle Corby one before. Some people are so clever, aren't they?

Hope you're not freezing your butt off up there, Peter. It's damn cold here.

Anonymous said...

This is a cut one.

kenju said...

I never heard of Schapelle either. She is really pretty. I like Hoss's joke!

Jamie Dawn said...

Shapelle Corby is a cool name. I was thinking from the picture that she must be an actress or a singer.
20 years is a LONG LONG time. Will she get time off for good behavior like they do here in the USA??
Some killers serve less than 20 years here.

Cellulite is a scourge!! That first photo is so hideous. I was thinking it was the hanging bohunkus of someone well over 100 years old. That second photo brought me a huge sigh of relief.

Funny joke!

Vickie said...

Cellulite---now that is a problem---but when someone likes who they are it is not an issue...

I had never heard of Schapelle Corby before---what a story.

Thanks for the funny---what a nice way to start a day well actually it is nice anytime

Walker said...

Ha Ha Ha
The jokes were great as always.

20 years yikes!!!!!

But the law is the law and you can't blame the bagage handlers all the time, they get into enough trouble loosing your bags let alone trying to give you a free buzz.

Have a nice day Oh and you have been Tagged

Christina said...

I have never heard of Schappelle either. She is very pretty, but wow, that's a lot of weed to try and smuggle on an airline! Kind of asking for it, IMO.

Very funny joke, and I love the "ode to a wet sheep" too - ROFL!!!

Hale McKay said...

What's wrong with the name "bolding?" It's as good a name for a folding bucket than any other I could think of!

Lee said...

How are you copping with the cold up your way, Peter...it's bloody chilly, isn't it????

Joy Des Jardins said...

That was very clever with the cellulite Peter. I though something looked a little strange about that picture....funny.

I can't believe it's that cold by you. With the hot weather we've been getting, I can't believe it's cold anywhere. Stay warm Peter...

Jim said...

Your hand picture sure had me going the other way! It's strange how a few words and a picture can get a person on the wrong track.
And no, I hadn't heard of Schapelle, poor thing.

Pamela said...

just this once I wasn't fooled by the hand picture... I knew it was a hand.
but I wasn't expecting to sweet wee hand in it.

I get sick feeling in gut everytime someone goes to prison like that.

did she or didn't she??? I watched NBC to catch a Predator last night. of course NONE of them did anything wrong, they say.
And we saw them on camera and heard them, too

love the joke. I think that last one is a town in Thailand

Carolyn said...

oH dear, I nearly popped a stitch on that last joke, ;-D

bornfool said...

After a moment or two I did figure out that was a hand not some other body part. At first glance though, I thought that is the ugliest ass I've ever seen.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Walker said you were a good blog, so I "clicked" in... and he's right. You are funny.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Nice cellulite piece, Peter.

And it is a pleasure to be stolen from. Always a pleasure.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Folding Bucket ... bwahahahahaha ... must remember that one !!

Michael said...

Although there isn't much to laugh about in the tragedy of Schapelle Corby, Schapelle can take a joke, even at her own expense. In her book, "No More Tomorrows," she said this cologne ad was pretty funny. She's a great gal, and she IS innocent. Her case is one of the most sickening things I've ever seen.