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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Still Thoughts.

At the foot of this post there is a photo of another nice
pair of Boobies, hope you enjoy.
Also at the foot of this post is a new one click commenting
tool, if you can't think of what to say in a comment just
select from the choices and a single click will register your
chosen comment category, give it a try!!

Hi all, I’m going to begin this post with a bit of catching up on the comments made on previous posts by some who were a bit confused or made comments that needed answers.

First up, thanks for all the names suggested for my new washing machine, there were some good suggestions but it was a brand new reader “Gette” who refers to her husband as iPastor that planted the seed of playing around with the Apple range of iEverything that led me to “iPlod” as the perfect description of my new Front Loader, I was nearly swayed by son Marcus’ suggestion of “John Deere” as my daughter and son in law have a John Deere Front (end) Loader.

I must say I was a bit surprised to read that at least one reader hadn’t hung laundry on a line for 20 years, there may be city’s in the world where pollution would stop me from drying laundry on a line but Gympie is certainly not one of them, and in fact some of the pollution comes from people relying on electricity (and the pollution caused by its generation) to perform tasks that have such simple alternatives.

I only had one comment that referred to the “SnapShots” feature I installed as gobble-de-gook but in case there were others; SnapShot is the tool which brings up a small “snapshot” of any links or pictures in my post, the idea being that this may well be all you want to know about the link or pic. thus saving the time of opening all such links fully, it can be turned off by clicking the top right corner if you don’t want to use it.

From my last post Val queried “click to enbiggen” this just means click on the photo to enlarge it, but I like the word enbiggen… well OK, the pretend word.

It also seems that from a pure accounting point of view the “Beer/Tax” illustration may not be 100% accurate, but it’s a good story… Please read my disclaimer!!

Now that’s all cleared up, what can I blog about??

I had a most unexpected visitor this afternoon, some of you may recall that I mentioned that my youngest son Bruce and his wife Jane had separated about September 2006, they both live in Perth about 5000 klms away, so it was a real surprise to open my door and find Jane standing there.

She has a brother living in Brisbane and a sister 150 klm north of Gympie as she was visiting them and passing through Gympie she called in to say hello, I am delighted that she felt comfortable in doing this now that she and Bruce have separated, and the fact that she said goodbye Dad when leaving was also pleasing, as I have told both of them I would much prefer they were still together and
happy but if this can’t be I’m not going to lay blame on either one of them, as
they both explained it was a breakdown of a marriage, (not at all unusual
now-a-days) not a crime committed by either one of them.

I also had a phone call from Marcus this evening, he expressed some concern over the rather disastrous ride the share market has been giving to we investors over the last couple of weeks, I assured him that unless I needed to sell shares when the prices were way down the losses are only “paper losses” and the stock market will bounce back again.

This news seemed to put his mind at ease as the specter of his inheritance
dwindling away was removed, when I also explained there was much more danger
of me using the money rather than losing it he went quiet again!!!!
(not really…. my kids are all a source of great pride to me).

Now that's as nice a pair of Boobies as you're gonna find anywhere.

I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make

Mae West


Maria said...

You left out my name when I commented about not hanging out laundry for 20 years or more. Shame on you.

I live in one of the clearest air areas in the U.S. It is so clear that the Navy uses it for missile testing. So obviously pollution is not my reason. It is a matter of ease and time and I cofess to enjoying both.

Now, I am not going to let my husband read your post because it would only give him fuel for the fire. He too, loves the idea of hanging clothes on the line...or in his case, having me hang them on the line. LOL

I must confess that I love iplod for a name for your new washer. Very clever, Peter!

Marcus said...

I saw the Boobies joke coming but laughed anyway.

The Snapshots tool is pretty cool, it also reveals a preview when you hover over the links in your blog roll. The pictures don't appear to be current though, eg. the Holt Press snapshot is from some time ago.
I may have to invest in Snapshots though, I like it.

A little poetic license regarding my phone call but no surprises there!

Cheers Pop
Love Marcus

Vickie said...

Smart minds think alike---I was looking into the one click commenting
tool but have to do a few things before I can add it to my blog.

Nice name you chose for your new washer.

Love the way you teased Marcus about his phone call.

Take care and enjoy life my friend.

Lee said...

There was one particular Boobie bird that hung around the jetty on Hinchinbrook and invariably he'd get a hook attached from anyone who was fishing. He never learned his lesson and we were forever "unhooking" him!

I've got a clothes' dryer but never use it. I always hang my washing out on the line to dry...I love the fresh smell from the sun and fresh air.

Miss Cellania said...

We don't have a lot of industrial pollution where I am, but hanging out the laundry isn't an option most of the time. Its either raining, too humid, or there's pollen all over. And sometimes, it's just too cold!

Your ex-DIL is a sweet girl, but I can understand why she wouldn't want to give you up!

Christina said...

It is usually so humid where I live, the wash would take days to dry - and that's only if it doesn't rain! I remember my mom hanging out laundry when I was little.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Thanks for putting the awards on for me and also the counter thingo. I very rarely look at it.
Now a clock would be good as I have a lot of trouble reading the one on the computer. A surprise to see Jane, but let's hope she and Bruce remain friends, I couldn't figure out snapshots either, but don't need to.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Well...you got us Peter! They are the nicest pair of black and blue Boobies I've ever seen.

Big Dave T said...

I bought an outdoor clothespole for our backyard, but most years we don't put it up. Part of the problem is that I take it in during the winter so it won't rust, then can't find the hole in the ground to put it back in when spring rolls around.

Sure hope the stock market stops its freefall. Or else soon I will be OWING money into my 401K

Val said...

Love the idea that YOU made up that word "enbiggen", Peter. Very clever! And even made up words can get the message across.