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Friday, September 28, 2007

Holiday's day's 4 & 5

Just a taste of what is to come.

Queen Victoria shopping arcade,on 3 beautiful levels.

The Centrepoint Tower which dominates much of Sydney's skyline.

The 2000 Olympic's main statium with the Sydney Cricket Ground just visible behind it.

Darling Harbour with the Maratime Museum showing from the tower.

The Chinese Friendship Gardens.

Sydney harbour Bridge main span.

Same again with me in the foreground.

The Sydney Opera House.

The Sydney Opera House with Wazza in the foreground.

The sanitized Parramatta River in the middle of the city.

Manly, which claims to be 7 miles from Sydney.. but 1000 miles from cares.

Wazza at the front (Surf) beach at Manly

Enjoying my first "Starbucks" coffee.

Day four was a very touristy day which started with us catching a train into Sydney where we started with a visit to the beautifully restored Queen Victoria shopping arcade built in 1898, after falling into disrepair it was restored at a cost of $75 million in 1982 and is now a truly beautiful building.

Next came a visit to the Sydney Centrepoint Tower which offers 360 degree views from a height of 250 meters, the day was a little overcast but even so the photos are still spectacular.

Darling Harbour which is a redevelopment of the old Sydney wharf area came next, the Sydney Maritime Museum, the beautiful Chinese Friendship Gardens and an excellent steak lunch all came about here.

A monorail ride to a ferry terminal was next, we caught a ferry to Circular Quay and strolled the short distance to the Sydney Opera House for a look around, with feet starting to complain about all the hard paving they had trodden we thankfully caught a train home to Engadine.

There is more of the same planned for the next two days then I’m going to put my feet up and watch the AFL Grand Final on Saturday, Wazza isn’t as keen on football as I am so he may venture forth to investigate the bookshops of the city… time will tell.

I plan to post a few photos only and will do a post with some more when I get home.

Day five saw us take a couple of ferry rides, first to Parramatta, this passes by some of the “best” developments, where the big money lives and continues on up the Parramatta River to the thriving city of Parramatta, we then boarded the “Manly Fairy” for the short trip to the seaside city of Manly.

Manly play Melbourne Storm in the ARL (Australian Rugby League) grand final on Sunday, I don’t have the same level of interest in ARL as I do in the AFL (Australian Football League) but will be supporting Melbourne.

I have read of the love affair that many of my American friends have with the coffee house “Starbucks” but as there are none of their stores in my area I had never tried their coffee, having found a store in Sydney I have since rectified this situation, I am pleased to report that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

More photos to follow.

Mae of the Dae.

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Willowtree said...

Great pictures! You were lucky to get so many without a seething mass of humanity in the frame, (specially in QVB). I used to work at Town Hall and ate lunch in the QVB most days.

Just a slight correction:- Manly, Melbourne Storm and Brisbane Broncos are actually all NRL. The ARL are only involved in International games (tests etc). This pretty much came about as part of the Superleague wars.

Go Cats!!!!

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ How exciting for me to see Sydney again. In fact cruising down the Parramatta River one night is when I got that shot of the Opera House all lit up in BLUE (that I have on my blog template). It was great seeing Darling Harbour, and the Chinese Friendship Gardens was awesome! I know it must have been even more awesome for you to share it with Warren too? It makes me want to do it all over again. Even if it was a 19 hour flight (just from LAX to Sydney. I still had two other flights to get to LAX. All in all about 24 hours in the air! BUT WELL WORTH IT! Thanks for the memories mate! ~ jb///

Jack K. said...

Great pics, Peter. Looks like you and Wazza had a grand time.

Granny said...

It's not quite as good as being there but the pictures are great.

I've always, since I can remember, wanted to visit Australia. It would be impossible to see it all but Sydney fascinates me.

I think it's that spectacular Opera House. There's nothing like it anywhere else. Like much of Australia, of course.

Pamela said...

I love some of those shots. I'm not a shopper (believe it or not)... but seeing that old shopping center would be a sight seeing experience!!

Walker said...

Great pictures and tour of Sydney, you both look like your having a fun time.
StarBucks claims another victim lol

Jamie Dawn said...

I enjoyed all your vacation photos.
You and Wazza look maaahvelous!

I hope to visit Australia some day.
What a wonderful treat that would be!!!

Rachel said...

Wonderful pictures!! The Opera house is so nice with that neat architecture! Great pictures of you guys!

Sandy said...

Those are great pictures of your trip Peter and you had a good traveling partner.