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Monday, October 08, 2007

Day’s 13 & 14;

Two day's of travel through the lovely New England Ranges, again the countryside was nice and green, there are some very pretty towns in this area, (Tamworth, Armidale, Tenterfield, Glen Innes to name a few) with lots of very attractive buildings, both old and new.

The awards for every category of country music each January at Tamworth is a golden guitar award, these are much treasured by the artists as they are voted on by their peers.

One of my hero’s, the late Slim Dusty is remembered here in Tamworth as the king of country music for six decades and 106 albums.

The new Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre, at last a venue able to cater for a decent crowd.

Stonehenge down under, there is a strong Celtic influence in the Glen Innes area, this park with its standing stones could easily conjure up visions of sacrificial rites on a dark stormy night.

However on a bright sunny morning such as shown here the outlook is quite cheery.

The Catholic Church has a penchant for clusters of very solid buildings often built with granite and usually on the highest ground available (the next flood???) here is an example in Glen Innes.

There is sometimes a light snow fall in this area, so while the winters are pretty cold, down to minus 3 or 4 degrees Celsius over night they enjoy a fairly mild summer which is something not much of Australia can say.

We discussed today the fact that we have not cooked a single meal on this trip, we have made sandwiches a few times and opened a few cans of fruit (and the odd stubbie or three) but when it comes to cooking we have done.... none!!!!

Wazza is due back at work on Monday so to give him a chance to get ready for this we will head for Brisbane today (Saturday) and I’ll head for Gympie on Sunday, so these will be the two days of the most distance driven…. its been a walk in the park compared to my usual trips to SA and/orWA.

Once more thanks to all who took the time to travel with us, there are LOTS of photos still unseen so I will make the holiday last for a while yet and one day real soon I hope to be visiting your blogs to say G’day.

A really nice Honda Goldwing outfit that was the pride of its owners life ”Pearl Magenta” was his comment when he overheard me tell Wazza to look at the Purple Motor Bike, we chatted with him and a friend for half an hour, both were retired Railway workers and very interesting.

One of the many distractions we use to keep ourselves amused is to see who can spot the “Britz” hire vehicles first and shout “BRITZ” the loudest, this is something that Wazza and I started on the trip to WA in 2002, I have since introduced it to my family with outstanding success… so much so that favourite daughter Vicki had me racing up and down the stairs at their Adelaide unit to answer the phone only to hear her yelling “BRITZ” at me as they passed one.

You are all probably getting sick of me raving about the beauty of this country, it is just so great to see such a large slice of it looking at its very best after the drab look of extended drought for the last ten years.

Mae of the Dae.

I've been things and seen places.
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Willowtree said...

You're right, it really is nice to see the country finally turn green after so long.

kenju said...

Peter, that Stonehenge down under is interesting. In the first pic, the stones didn't look real to me, but in the 21nd one they do. I'd love to know the history of it, and when it was erected - if you know.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter, I followed your trip with interest and enjoyed looking at all the photo's, its nice to see the green country side, still no rain here allowed to water garden 1hr Tuesday and Saturday eve.hope to get my computer back at the end of the week..
BTW. You have some of my favorite movies in your list, Take out Murphy's way. then count the top 7..

Walker said...

Nice pictures yet again.
You appreciate where you live as you travel and explore it throuigh the eyes of a tourist.
I have done alot of that recently with guests I have had and everytime i head off on one of my tours with friends I seem to come back home a little more enlightened about where i live

Pamela said...

we have one of those stonehenge knock offs about two hours west. I've never gone to visit it. You've given me some inspiration for some winter w/e day trips.

JunieRose2005 said...


I have loved seeing all your pictures! What a beautiful and interesting country!!

And where you live looks so much like central florida - about an hour south of where we are...the palm trees and even the Jacaranda trees ( tho, not as many as you seem to have near you!)

...loved the sunset pictures!!!