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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate it.

My favourite Witch, she used to adorn the walls of the Hotel shown below.

This was the old Commercial Hotel, just up the road from my house, all the
decorative features have been painted over with a refined Parchment color
now and it has been converted to a soon to open Restaurant.

I will be home again soon (Thursday) so NORMAL posting should resume then.


Pamela said...

how sad that they painted over the pictures.

Hope you have safe journey home.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter. I feel same as pamela. I think the paintings add character to the old pub.
What a lovely Surprise for Alan to have all the family there for his birthday , Happy belated Birthday if your reading this Alan, And to top it off another complete family photo. Take care pete and safe travel home .

Jack K. said...

Great witch photo. It is even more enjoyable when clicked on. The other paintings are great too. Some might claim it is a little sexist. But, what's wrong with sex? tee hee.

It is too bad that some folks don't appreciate such art.

What's this NORMAL stuff?

Have a safe trip home.

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, no, they shouldn't have painted over those fun pictures. Little do they realize, that witch is STILL there, underneath it all.

LZ Blogger said...

Ah Peter... you've NEVER been a NORMAL poster... but you have been REGULAR. That alone (at our ages) is a GOOD THING! ~ Cheers Mate! ~ jb///

Rachel said...

Too bad they painted over the pictures! All for progress I guess!

Happy Halloween Peter!