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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some random thoughts from the holiday;

I’ll never forget Warren’s story on the second morning about waking during the wee small hours of the morning and needing to go visit the loo, this was the only occasion that we didn’t have an en-suite van/cabin, when he tried to unlock the sliding door the lever wouldn’t engage to allow unlocking…. after a few minutes he gave up and went back to bed!!!! Next morning with the situation now urgent he simply slid the door open… it had not been locked all night!!

I had slept blissfully unaware of all this until he told me next morning, but I got a real good laugh then.

I am posting a picture of some fresh road kill that could have given us some good meals late in the trip when the cash was running short, its surprising what one can do when the need is urgent, but fortunately we were not forced into this situation on this trip.

This is not a paid political announcement or a personally held view it is simply an observation of an existing situation that we found impossible not to notice while we were in Sydney for a week.

We (Australia) had a policy during the 1940s and 1950s known as the “White Australia Policy” it was a scaremonger campaign to keep the “yellow hordes” at bay and stop them from taking over our nation…. Not very P/C, or even popular line of logic now-a-days.

HOWEVER we were simply amazed to see the number of Asian people all over Sydney, it seems that while we fought a war to keep Australia “white” they have simply come in since and bought the farm while we were sleeping.

I try very hard not to be racist in my thinking and I bear no malice to any people but I have one small problem with the “Asian” situation and that is that there appears to be NO assimilation into the general community, the Asians only mix with other Asians and speak among themselves in their own dialects wherever they gather, our population is drawn from practically every country on earth, and while there are pockets of other nationalities who choose to segregate themselves, nowhere is there such iron clad boundaries as where the Asian communities are.

I hope that there will be a softening of the borders which will allow some intermingling, as in the main they appear to be a hard working people and will be a valuable asset for Australia in time to come.

Sydney has a population of over 4 million, I think it is a terrific place to spend a week or so on holiday but with the level of smog, the traffic chaos that seems to exist at all times, the constant jostling on crowded streets, the very expensive cost of living…. I can’t help but wonder why they all choose to live there.

Sure it’s a very attractive city set on one of the worlds best harbour’s, there is an incredible array of shops and services available, an excellent public transport system to move them all about but I wouldn’t choose to live there for anything.

On a lighter, even though a potentially more dangerous note:

We spent a fair bit of time searching for the dreaded Drop Bears that we had tangled with in WA in 2002, while we didn’t actually sight any Drop Bears we found several sites where there was clear evidence of them, some of the photographic proof of their existence is posted here as a worlds first, we were able to ascertain that a Drop Bears diet and… errr-ummm toilet habits, were far more varied than had been previously suspected.

We found no evidence of Hoop Snakes on this trip and can only assume that their chosen terrain is the much drier and warmer North and north west of the country.

Close inspection of this photo will reveal the accumulated “Drop Bear Droppings” at the base of the tree, we (very carefully) inspected the tree to see if there was a Drop Bear in residence, fortunately there was no drop bear there.

In this photo some unwary sheep are venturing into the danger zone, as defined by the accumulated Drop Bear Droppings at the base of what is obviously home to a large Drop Bear, or even a colony??

The Drop Bears that live in this grove of trees are obviously very large (based on the size of the droppings) and also very tidy by nature (this time based on the neat rows of droppings)

Mae of the Dae.

It's hard to be funny when you have to be clean.
Mae West


Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hey, Peter ... looks like you and Wazza had a great holiday. Ain't life fun !!
Love the drop bear dropping photos ... too funny !!
Hope you are well ... fit, happy and healthy !!
Had a wonderful time with Merle, Jeanette, Gwen and Pamela the other week ... shame you and Wazza didn't join us, too !!
Take care, Meow

Cliff said...

Those pesky drop bears. Or is it 'droppings' bears? Man they must eat a lot of unsuspecting travelers. Makes me leary of buying a ticket to Austrailia.
Your assimilation talk could have been written about America. It would seem there is a desire to turn this into Mexico.

karisma said...

I hope you checked that road kills pouch since you got so close.

Drop Bears? Were you by any chance in the Navy. My dad and uncle used to try and scare me with those when I was a kid.

Jack K. said...

Drop bears? Drop bear droppings?

Man is that ever weird. We have similar spoor here in the good ol' US of A. Maybe, sometime, when I can screw up my courage I will venture forth and take some pictures.

Strange, though, they look an awful lot like round hay bales. It must be the lighting.

Thanks for sharing the high moments of your trip. Although, I must say, I thought Wazza was a bit brighter than to let a sliding door get the better of him. snerx.

Miss Cellania said...

I will never hear the term "drop bear" without thinking of you.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Those must be some really big and organized bears! ~ jb///

Gette said...

I think you would find that here in the pasty white midwest USA, when you hear folks grumbling about the increasing hispanic population, they have many of the same complaints. There are hispanic groceries, churches and dance clubs opening all over the place. Many folks, mostly those who are in a position to work with the minority populations in the area, are building friendships and getting to know folks on an individual basis, but there is still very much an "us and them" mentality.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hello, Peter.

Man, Australia sounds fascinating.

I had no idea you were being overrun by the yellow race. Also, interesting bit of history on Australia's efforts to keep things white.

Drop bears? I've never heard of such a beast.

Margaret said...

Hya Peter, it seems as though you had a great time as usual. How could you be so cruel to laugh at poor Warren, as if I didn't know.
Cheers Margaret

Pamela said...

Awwww... those strange beasts again.

I have a bird sighting book, but I don't suppose they fit the category.

Walker said...

I think in time as more generations of Asias are born there they will become part of the mainstream.
Its the same here but i have many asian frieds that were born here.
I think it could be said about all new immigrants that they congrigate among themselves for comfort reasons.

Drop bears LOL