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Saturday, November 24, 2007

A New Government for 2007

This is the new regime Julia and Kevin, now Deputy PM and PM.

Like all good Australian lads Kevin loves his Vegemite

John Howard on one of his famous morning walks, he has been the "Member for Benelong"
for the last 33 years but it seems VERY likely that as well as losing the election he may well
have lost his "seat" too.

A skill not to be overlooked is that Kevin speaks fluent Chinese... Impressive.
A family photo from a couple of years ago.

Hi folks, as I start to write this post it is somewhere between 8.30 PM and 10.30 PM on Saturday, depends where you are in Australia. Nov. 24 (Election Day) the polling booths shut 2-1/2 to 4-1/2 hours ago which has been sufficient time to find that we have a new Prime Minister leading a new political party for the next three years.

The new team leading Australia will be Kevin Rudd and his deputy Julia Gillard, for the first time Australia will have a female deputy Prime Minister

Rudd came to power under a slogan KEVIN07, while this is a bit Americanized for our style normally it appears to have been a winner for Kev.

I can’t help thinking how similar his appearance is to Bill Gates, (yes he is a bit of a nerd too) it doesn’t seem to do any harm either that his wife Therese is a millionaire business-woman.

Kevin is a Queensland born and bred boy so has a big following up here, the election resulted in a big swing in favour of Rudd which gives us our first Labor Government for 11 years, our two major political parties are “Liberal-National coalition” and “Labour” which began life as the voice of the trade unions, so at least to begin with , a white collar party and a blue collar party.

Extract from an article by Todd Crowell

As an American, I'm agnostic as to whether I would prefer to live in a country ruled by the Australian Labor Party or Howard's Liberal (actually conservative)-National Coalition government.


TLP said...

Interesting post. But of course, I don't know a thing about your politics there.

Jack K. said...

I find it very amusing that your Liberal party is actually conservative.

If the word ever got out here in the US I'm not sure what conservatives would do. They tend to bash liberals every time they get a chance. Of course the feeling is mutual.

Unfortunately, they spend so much time castigating each other they don't leave much time to do the things that need to be done.

Ah well, that is the price of freedom.

Davo said...

( .. an aside, Peter .. Kevin doesn't speak "Chinese". He is fluent in the dialect known as "Mandarin", which is different from the other "common" dialect known as "Cantonese".

Apart from that, he seems to be also acceptably fluent in "Aussiespeak" as well. Interesting leader we have acquired.)

Davo said...

.. and, as a non explanation for any people born and bred under the US system of politics .. i doubt that you will ever understand how the Australian "political" system works. We stole bits from everywhere, knitted them together, and somehow it works quite well .. heh

Davo said...

Sorry to keep harping on about this Peter .. but for the son of a share-cropper to have come this far is, methinks, remarkable - and an indication that we try to keep our egalitarianism fairly close to the ground.

karisma said...

Well, I was so excited by it all that I actually did not even find out who won until 24 hours later. Not that I think its going to make a lot of difference but quite frankly I cant stand Howard so I am more than a little happy that hes out.