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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I have no idea what to call this post

I seem to run out of things to say or time to say them a lot lately,
neither of these traits are like me so I'm not sure what's going on
but as I still enjoy blogging, don't interpret this as a farewell
speech, rather it is notice that perhaps my intermittent posting
might have become the norm.
Like anything that we get deeply involved with there comes a time
when the passions cool, it has been more and more a chore instead
of a pleasure to make regular posts lately.
Having spent almost 3 years at the helm of holtieshouse, and having
developed a network of friends spread throughout the world I am
not going to lightly just give them away, however I'm aware that
unless contact is maintained on some sort of regular basis these
friendships are in danger of failing.
What is the answer to this quandary? Oh for the wisdom to answer
that, all I can suggest is that you put holtieshouse on bloglines or
google reader and pop in for a chat when you see I've posted, be
assured I will be in your neighborhood quite often and that if you
post something that I think I can leave a worthwhile comment on
I will certainly do so.
For those who do not use a feed reader and simply tire of calling
in and not finding a new post and decide not to call again.........
Please accept my sincere thanks for your friendship over whatever
period of time it may have been, for someone like me who does not
make new friends easily, it has been an absolute joy to welcome you
into my world.
I intend, at least for the moment to continue to partake with the
"Fun Monday" posts and I commend this to you as a pleasant way to
spend your Monday's, give it a try sometime.
I sincerely hope that with this post I haven't said goodbye to any,
or at least many of my friends.

Speaking of Fun Monday, this would have suited last weeks assignment well.


kenju said...

Peter, I do have you in my Bloglines list, and I've been checking lately because sometimes they tell me there's no new post when there is one - or vice-versa. I understand getting to the point where you can't find much to say, but know that you will be missed. I will certainly check bloglines whenever it shows that you have a new post.

ChrisB said...

You are in my bloglines so I won't miss anything you have to say! Had a chuckle at the sign :)

Dave said...

Ok, now this makes me very sad...

I hope you reconsider, and come back soon my friend.

All the best, and I'll miss you and your words here.

Jack K. said...

Peter, I know just where you are. The muse does not strike as often as you would like when you are at the computer.

I have been know to take the easy way out and post one of those ubiquitous emails that may contain something amusing or earth-shattering.

I will continue to look in on this site periodically. Your comments at my site are appreciated very much.

It is amazing to see that you have more than 64,000 visitors to this site. I thought I was doing well with over 10,000.

My only advice is to enjoy what you do. If the passion is not there, quit doing it.

I'm glad our paths have crossed.

This is not the end, but a lull. Good choice.

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

We're beginning to see alot of the Blogging Blues lately. We're new to this and while we enjoy reading the posts and posting ourselves, I can certainly understand the weight it can sometimes bring.

karisma said...

Everyone seems to be feeling the same lately... Maybe we should all slow down a bit.

Love the sign, very funny!

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter, HEy you talked me into blogging now your slowing down. Im sure you can find something to write about maybe a few jokes,some poetry, your travels.
I havent got bloglines but will keep popping in see if you posted take good care... Jan

Laurie said...

Even though I don't comment much (mainly because, for some reason, it takes your page a long time to load on my computer), I read every single post through Bloglines!

Have a nice "rest." :)

Carolyn said...

I know where you're coming from because sometimes I feel like hitting "delete" on mine. The days seem to get longer between my own posts. But when someone I visit goes away, it always leaves a void and makes me sad, so I hope you don't leave for good. Just take a breather and come back. OK? OK!

You got 24 hours ;D

Slavenka said...

Hi Peter !You are in my favorite
blog list ,so take a little break
and continue with your blog.I love
your humor and when I don't understand all because my english
is not good :)
All the best from Croatia !

wazza said...

Gidday Peter,

You know that I've slowed down posting (although you'll say that I've always been slow) so I know where you are coming from.
Sometimes it's a bit difficult knowing what to blog about.
At least I have the advantage of being able to ring you whenever and hava chat with you, so that can't be too bad, can it....hahahahaha????

OldHorsetailSnake said...

We no see your cat today, for real. We eatum up last week, so.

JunieRose2005 said...


Please stay!

Junie Rose

Pamela said...

Do it when you have something and enjoy what you can.

We're all slowin' down. (You were kind to investigate and I appreciate that)

Cliff said...

I read the sign and Marilyn is yelling at me from the family room wanting to know what's so darned funny. That right there is funny.
You're letting your passions cool eh? How many ex wives? I'm starting to see a pattern.

Suzz said...

Hey, Peter, I think most of us bloggers who have a couple of years in will step back into the real world now and then. Just hope you don't step all the way out ... you help us laugh and that makes the real world more bearable.

Lucy Stern said...

Well Peter, Fun Mondays it is? I love that sign, it had me laughing. I'll keep checking in and don't worry about posting all the time, we do have lives outside of blogging. My posts have lagged a bit lately but my life is pretty busy and life has to come first. Don't leave permantely now.

Willowtree said...

I can't understand why you'd want to slow down. Oh wait, yes I can, it happened to me too!

The enjoyment may come back to you without notice, but it may not, either way you had a good run. But I do know this, posting just so there's a post rather than posting because you want to is the quickest way to lose interest completely.

I think the Fun Monday route is a good idea.

Willowtree said...

Oh and Wazza, if you slowed down any more you'd be going backwards!!

Jettie said...

hey...well I just found ya and now i will miss your fun and quircky yet candid posts!! So enjoy your? vacation,sabatical,retreat, or what ever you call it and know we are still watching your every move!!!heheeheheheheh
funny sign...gee I wonder how many cats were missing!!!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'll continue to check in on you Peter. I certainly understand what you're talking about....I think we all feel the same way from time to time. One thing blogging shouldn't become is... 'a chore.' I've had days that have felt like that too Peter. Take your time...post when you feel like it. We'll be around...

Walker said...

I have slowed down also.
Actually I figure since i write longer posts now I should be able to leave them up there for people to take their time and read, instead of a bunch of small posts every day.

Blogging is about writing about your life not having it take over. I think that is the problem with many people.

As long as you stick around and posts my blogrolling, when the bloody thing works, tells me when you post.

Jamie Dawn said...

Yummy!! Cat Chow Mein!!!

It's okay if you don't post all the time. Quite awhile ago, I cut back to two posts per week - Blog Church on the weekend and one post midweek. That has worked out well for me. it gives me time to visit blog buddies and not feel rushed. Blogging should be enjoyed. It's not a job! You haven't lost me as a blog buddy. Post when you have something to say and the time to say it.

Junebug said...

You are on my google reader so I will know when you post. It is hard to keep up with all the new faces I've met over the past year but the reader has been helpful since I discovered it. I think I have an addictive personality and I have to watch how much time I spend doing this instead of things I need to do and then just more fruitful things like exercising and walking and reading books and hobbies, you know. But I do like my blog. It is my creation. I just don't want to become a slave to it. :D