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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mars and Venus on Valentines Day

This was sent to me under the heading "How to wash a man's
brain" and while I do find it mildly amusing it doesn't take a
rocket scientist to figure out that it came from a lady
(I use the term loosely) and it highlights the differences,
once again, between the sexes.


On the eve of Valentine's day my mailbox has been overflowing with
tributes from all the lovely ladies in my life, I offer a few samples.
Click on pictures to enbiggen.

This one from the lovely lady that glanced disapprovingly at my wrinkled....... shirt

From the lovely lady who asked, how many single men does it take to change a toilet roll?

From the lovely lady who thought I had dosed off, when all I was doing was recharging the battery for my pacemaker.

From the lovely lady who's idea of a romantic dinner did not include the words Burger King

From the lovely lady who totally misread my comment about being a little overdressed

From the lovely lady who suggested that the attachment (supplied) might come in handy.

From the lovely lady who rather pointedly suggested that she could have had more fun if she had stayed home (is there a pattern emerging here?)

From the lovely lady who offered to help me with my computer problems (that was a fun night for both of us).

From the lovely lady at my Optometrist's office who has such compassion for my failing eyesight.

And last but not least from all the lovely ladies down at "Hooter's"

I thank you all most sincerely.


Miss Cellania said...

Ha! You've gotten more than your share of Valentines already, I see. Happy Valentines Day, Peter!

ChrisB said...

I was sent this one recently. Ahh I see there is another blog with same name (different spelling) as mine!!

Dave said...

*LOL* Very good ones Peter!!!

I hope you venture back to my blog.. I corrected my gross mistake, and apologized in the comments!

Junebug said...

You are so funny! That last picture is so gross. I had to enbiggen it to see if those were real boobies. I'm so glad they were not! I would like to point out that you wrote "click on pis to enbiggen". pis? I thought you meant "penis". Oh, I'm cracking up! :D

Junebug said...

I had to come back to laugh again! I just pointed out the error because it made me laugh! You didn't have to fix it. :D

Joy Des Jardins said...

My God....where do you find all these 'gems' Peter? Each one funnier than the next...I especially love the Hooters girls. I think these tears are from laughter...but I can't be sure.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you the popular one...getting all the girls sending you valentines...uh...cards :-)

Sometimes, attention is good, even when it is not good...

Enjoyed your email cards.

Jettie said...

OOHH my gosh for funny!!!!!!!!!!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You took it like a man, Holtie. Does it feel better?