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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Project Green

Project Green - Take 1

This photo shows my mate Warren and I on the green grass at the front of my house even
though I'm the one with the green shirt on it should be Warren.

(Oh, by the way his surname is Green)

Project Green - Take 2

Here at Fosters Farm in Wudinna they take pride in being "Green" farmers
especially the "John Deere" green.

The said John Deere Green is everywhere one looks.

Even at Holtieshouse, it is fitting that Vicki & Rex's daughter Stacey should be
astride my green John Deere rider mower.

I'm sorry to say that will be the last of my project green posts as Anna
who's idea it was has declared it finished, oh well I had other things on my mind
while it was going.


wazza said...

Gidday Peter,

As Kermit would say, "It's not easy being green."
It's also good to hear the medication Vicki is taking is helping and that she may be back to her old self in the not too distance future.

ChrisB said...

Are you two the terrible twins!!

Dave said...

Wow, I have almost the exact same lawn tractor... albeit maybe a few years newer as my handle for raising/lowering the deck is back by the seat! *chuckling*

Great "Green" pics bud...

Junebug said...

I also have the same John Deere lawnmower. It has been great. My son is a lover of green so much so that when he was little that was all he liked. People started calling him "John Green." Ninja Turtles are green and Kermit and John Deere's too.

kenju said...

Peter, you can do as many "greens" as you like! You got 4 in that top pic: grass, shirt, Wazza and leaves!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That there giant John Deere tractor is something else. I had never seen a tractor with so many tires.

JunieRose2005 said...


Nothing prettier than John Deere green!!


karisma said...

Well I was gonna say something about "its not easy being green" but I see Wazza beat me to it! My kids would kill for one of those ride on mowers!

Goin' green is the only way to go! Live long, be happy!

Miss Cellania said...

You should give Warren your shirt. That would be very green of you!

Jamie Dawn said...

Great green photos, Peter.
Love all those tractors.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Too bad that Cliff missed this one! I am sure he could relate! Great seeing you and Wazza togther too! ~ jb///