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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Round Robin Photo Challenge - Wooden

The Round Robin Photo Challenge this week is Wooden.

Kiva, who authors the blog, "Eclectic Granny" chose the subject. She said: Merriam Webster defines the word "wooden" as: 1. made or consisting of wood. 2. lacking ease or flexibility, awkwardly stiff (e.g., wooden performer, a wooden speech). A picture of John Wooden or
anyone named Wooden qualifies.

I am ashamed to say that this idea is a direct steal err borrow from my friend Pamela who displays a photo with much more imagination than mine, but I love this photo of the bark peeling from a eucalypt and the tree is certainly wooden.

click to enbiggen.


Carly said...

Hello Peter :)

It's nice to meet you. Welcome to the Round Robin Photo Challenges! My name is Carly. I really like the tree you posted for the challenge. It is mysterious. We have so many ones just like it up the hill from me. I saw one on fire once, pop, pop, pop. LOL. So scary. Once again welcome to the challenges, I hope you can join us again.

Always, Carly


Family Affair Photography said...

I agree with Carly - my first thought was how mysterious. Wonderful image with great texture and detail of the tree/wood.

Welcome to the Round Robin group.


Gattina said...

What a beautiful picture !! No wonder that you love it !

Sandcastle Momma said...

That is a beautiful tree. I love the way the bark is peeling and the texture of the wood. Great job!

Kiva said...

What a beautiful photo! We're losing our eucalyptus trees to a beetle around here and it's nice to see a healthy one.

karisma said...

Great photo...It sure looks better when its embiggened! So much detail!

Jamie Dawn said...

That's a neat photo.
Yep, I think that qualifies as being wooden.

Pamela said...

oooo! I love it.

Hey -- does the bark smell as pungent as the leaves?

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Hi, Peter, and welcome to the Robins! You're off to a great start; that's an excellent photo, especially embiggened. I love seeing all the detail there, the variations in color and texture, all the straight and not so straight lines that add up to bits of the natural world. Well done!

Wammy said...

Glad you joined. I can telll you as a new member that it is fun and you can learn a lot from all the Robins. I an intregued by yoiur wood shot. Can you tell us just a little more please. Glad you are here. Hope to see more form you. Be sure to check out every other Robin. Too fun!

Walker said...

That looks like a haunted tree or an old stripper.